Friday Finish - A Baby Quilt and Change Pad

Today I delivered a commission to the mom of one of my daughter's classmates.  She is expecting a girl and asked for a pastel colored quilt and a pretty travel diaper change pad.  I quickly put the quilt together, using a charm pack of Urban Chik's Dream On and a few matching solids.  The change pad was a bit more of a challenge as it was the first one I've ever made.  I quilted some terry cloth and bamboo batting, and then backed it with some beautiful floral rip stop fabric that I had originally purchased to make a raincoat for Olivia.  The only place in the process where I had to stop and think was how and where I wanted to attach the velcro for the closure.  It ended up a nice 6.5" square, only a tad bigger than a diaper, and a good size to throw into a bag.
I'm very happy with how well it turned out, and will probably make another one this weekend for a friend of mine who just had a baby girl this week.  The baby came so fast she actually gave birth in the elevator of their apartment building so she definitely deserves some good presents!

Friday Finish - Bonnie Lass Quilt

Bonnie Lass was one of the quilts in Jen Kingwell's Quilt Lovely that I knew immediately I wanted to make.  (Glitter was the other, but it's a much slower paced project).  I probably started cutting my scraps back in June for this quilt.  My goal was just to throw everything into the mix.  I was never a "scrappy" quilter, I'm far too buttoned-up for that, but I just fell in love with Kingwell's style and couldn't help but give it a try.
I was so thrilled with the happy, colourful result I decided to take a little walk around the town and take some interesting photos for the blog.  I think more than a few people were baffled as to why we were taking pictures of a quilt in the street!  I was quick enough to capture the old lady on the bike doing a double take!
While I was contentedly hacking away at my stash, I got a little carried away and ended up with almost twice the amount of blocks needed to make the 59x67" lap quilt!  So, I decided to make two.  The first one was gifted to our nanny Annalisa, who, in fairness, earned it with all the hours of ironing the blocks she put in!  I was working back then so I'd chain piece at night and she would iron them all open the next day during nap time.  She might also have mentioned how much she loved it a few hundred times, so it seemed obviously it needed to be hers.
I tried wool batting for the first time, and backed it with a lovely silver grey piece of minky that I bought last summer (from this lovely shop).  It was my first time using wool, and I loved the fluffy loft.  The second quilt, which will be ours, is currently waiting to be quilted.
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