Friday Finish - A Birthday Pillow

My friend's little girl turned three a couple of weeks ago.  She and I met in a birthing class at the hospital, and I've been making Mati handmade birthday and Christmas gifts ever since she was born.
I asked my friend what Mati's favourite colours were, and she said blue and light blue, which I was not expecting.  I wanted to give her what she likes, but I didn't want it to be as masculine as this pillow I did a few months ago for my friend's little boy was.  The solution was a scrappy blue patchwork - blues, but with other colours in the mix as well.
I used the same alphabet paper piecing pattern as with the other pillow, and I really enjoy making the letters.  I will be doing some more paper piecing in the future - maybe some New York beauty patterns.
I really love how it turned out, and my friend was really happy too.  Now Olivia's asking for a pillow with her name on it for her birthday!
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Wednesday WIP - Dowry Quilt Top

I finished this quilt top last week, and it is now basted and waiting to be quilted.  This is destined to be a couch quilt, so I'm using a warm silk batting and a gorgeous blue minky on the back!  I absolutely love Olivia's baby quilt done with minky and silk batting - so I already know this is going to be super warm with just the right amount of drape and weight to it.  I highly recommend this combination for winter quilts!
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Friday Finish - Flowering Snowball Quilt

Well, I finished my flowering snowball quilt!  I really love the vintage feel to both this block and these sweet retro fabrics (purchased here).  I think it's the perfect first quilt for Olivia's big girl bed!  We set it up a few days ago, and she hasn't gotten out of bed once after I put her down.  Amazing.  I anticipated walking her back till midnight!  I looked for the perfect (used) bed on the internet for six months before I finally found something Jenny Lind-ish.  We had it painted professionally and I am thrilled with how it turned out.
I was SO inspired by Mary's gorgeous flowering snowball - if I hadn't seen hers this one never would have been.  I would never have had the patience to hand quilt mine though, so I settled for some wavy lines to give it a good crinkle.
It's backed in a 100% cotton vintage sheeting that a friend of mine gifted me from her late mother-in-law's stash.  It was absolutely perfect for this quilt.  I bound it in yellow gingham, not only for the vintage feel but also to tone down the pink.  The nursery had a lot of pink in it, but now that she's growing I want to keep things colorful but not so stereotypically girly.
My mother was so amazed at the curves on this block, I actually made her a video about how I did them, which I think I might put up on the blog.  It's undergoing some changes right now, and I'd love to have a little tutorial section.  Curves seem to scare a lot of people, but with a few little tips they can be not only doable, but actually fun, and it's very satisfying to conquer a new skill.
Olivia is thrilled with both the quilt, and the bed.  I had a lot of that sheeting with the little yellow flowers leftover from backing the quilt, so I made a fitted sheet and some pillow cases too.  I love matching stuff.
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A Wordless Wednesday WIP

Friday Finish - Baby Boy Voile quilt

After I finished piecing the queen size voile top last weekend, I took the pinks and purples out of the stack of 4.5" squares and threw some baby boy colours up on the design wall.  We have really good friends in Rome who are expecting a boy in July, and every summer baby needs a voile quilt!  I decided to soldier on, grabbing a piece of Hobbs Tuscany collection cotton batting, and a green AMH voile print that for some reason I had yards of, and basted a nice little quilt sandwich.  By 8:30 pm I had a finished quilt!
As usual, I had a hard time getting a shot of the quilt without the Olivia and Nina trying to get in on it!
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WIP Wednesday - Spring is officially here

Even though we still have too many overcast days, the chill is finally gone and we are looking forward to summer.  We've been busy sprucing up the garden, adding a few new flowers around the yard, and building a new bird net around the strawberry patch.  My original 60 strawberry runners have procreated, (despite my best efforts to keep them from spreading too much), and I think we will soon be inundated with strawberries.  Going to have to learn how to make jam...

My flowers are blooming, which makes me happy every time I catch a glimpse out the kitchen window.  Olivia scrunches up her face so cute "sniffing" the flowers!

Wanting to sew with voile is starting to be as synonymous with spring as tulips for me.  I have so many 4.5" voile squares floating around my sewing room you would not believe it!  This past weekend I finished the large queen size top for our bed, and next up is a twin size for Olivia's bed.  Her beautiful vintage bed frame has been bought, painted (professionally), and we are just waiting for the mattress to arrive to get it all set up.  I couldn't be more excited if the bed was for me.

I am also anxiously awaiting the postman have a beautiful Cotton + Steel lawn bundle on it's way from Carol and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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