WIP Wednesday - Linen stitch cowl

These two skeins of amazingly soft Mista Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky were an impulse purchase at my mother's local yarn store in Ontario last month.  I bought it with a different cowl pattern in mind, but a few days ago I realized that the short 1-2" lengths of colour lent themselves perfectly to the linen stitch.  So, without a pattern, I cast on.  My plan is to knit it to the length where it wraps around my neck twice, and then join seamlessly using the provisional cast on I started with.  (Learned how to do that here - what did we DO before youtube??).
This yarn is so soft and gorgeous I can't wait to finish this cowl and wear it!
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  1. Yarn is really lovely! It is colorful and looks like you use very sophisticated pattern. Awesome! I want to see it finished.

  2. Beautiful yarn! I have never heard of a linen stitch. Would you mind sharing how it is done? I have been knitting some scarfs lately using a seed stitch with three different colors of yarn and it like the look very much, but your linen stitch is intriguing! I posted a picture of my scarf Monday on my blog.

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