Friday Finishes - Clothes for the kid

Got a lot of little finishes to show you this week!  I quit that awful job and so have been enjoying my time as a stay at home mom to a little one who goes to preschool 9-3:30.  I haven't had this much time to sew alone since I was pregnant!  It's been wonderful.
First up was a pair of Mini Hudson pants.  She's 3, so I made the size 3.  The sweatshirt material was nice and thick, which helps because they are a bit too big.  I went down to a size 2 for the next pair (the green stripes).  (I bought the white fabric from The Sweet Mercerie, an online shop based in Portugal.  I have a hard time finding nice fabric here (as evidenced by the green stripe fabric above!), so finding a well-stocked shop within Europe is handy, since I don't have to pay customs.)
I also used a Mccall's pattern (M6224) that I bought last year in Canada to finally whip her up a pair of pajama pants.  For some reason the sizing was huge - I made her a 1 year size!  I'm currently making her the robe (in matching pink whale fleece!) that I cut as a size 3 so I hope she is able to wear it without tripping this year.  Next week we are off to visit my family again (for a month!) so a nice warm robe will be very important for those chilly Ontario mornings.
Lastly, I made her a Bimaa sweater with the leftover green stripe knit.  I've had this pattern for a while too, (I'm kind of an impulse pattern buyer!), but now that she's potty trained and therefore out of onesies it was time to use it.  I really like the shirt, (made the cowl version), the three neckline/hoodie options, and the pattern was well written with photos so it would be easy for a beginner to use as well.  The only thing I'll change for the next time is to attach the wrist ribbing after the arms are sewn up, so that the seams are tucked nicely inside.  (The pattern makes you attach the ribbing first and then sew up and down the arms and body.)  I was obsessed with lining up all the stripes - but I think it makes a huge difference in the finish of the garment - even if it is for a three year old.
I've also been sewing for myself, but haven't had hubs around to take some pics yet.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
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