WIP Wednesday - A Future Boy's Nonsense Quilt

Hello all, I've been back from our holiday in Canada for four days and am already regretting getting on the plane!  The time flew by way too fast this year.
Even though it's only mid-August, with my summer vacation over this fall feeling has settled over me and got me looking to new projects.  Although I have many more Glitter blocks to go, and my Single Girl quilt has turned into a Single and Sitting by the Phone Waiting for Me to Call quilt, I just had to whip up a few test blocks for the Boy's Nonsense quilt I've had in my head for a while now.  (I don't feel quite as guilty if I call them "test blocks"!)  Although Leila's gorgeous quilt was my inspiration, I got my block template from this site, downloading the 12" block.
The second picture is the fabrics I've pulled for this project.  Looking at the picture I realized I'll probably need a few more dark coloured fabrics, as I'd like to do alternating lights/darks in the layout (as mentioned in Leila's tutorial).  When I change the fabrics picture to black and white, (Leila's trick), there are way too many medium value fabrics.  When I pulled them I had only thought about the colour palette, not light and dark.  I'll have to see what else I have in the stash.
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  1. We all justify ourselves with some in between "test blocks". I have three quilts in the works, and just finished the quilt top of one. After I had finished, I knew I wasn't ready to just jump back on the the other two projects and needed a little breather... thus new blocks.

    The fabric pull you have is really nice, and it will be a lot of fun to see this done up in a totally different color palette.

    Your fabric haul from your last post looks amazing! Trust me, the grunge fabrics were a very good choice - I use them in just about everythig! I was determined to leave clothes behind from our last trip if I needed to get my stash back. I do have the same feeling too when I return being back home, but usually I can get back into the swing of things pretty easily, but really start to feel the pull to make it back home again once I start hitting close to the one year mark.

  2. Like your test blocks. I wish I had known the turn a photo to B&W trick a couple of weeks ago - it would have saved a lot of time, photo taking and squinting!

  3. I really like the test blocks. The colours look great together. Thanks for sharing the black and white photo. It clearly shows your point. I'll try to remember this in the future. I hope the single girl is not waiting by the phone for too long.

  4. I was checking out your site and as I was scrolling down the page, I was looking at the new stash and wow I just purchased the same fabrics from Joanns and I live in Buffalo, went to the store on Transit road, they have so much more to choose from then the one on Niagara falls Blvd. I also am collecting Denyse Schmidts fabric to make one big quilt.

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