My New Love - Glitter by Jen Kingwell

Ladies, I've fallen in love.

A few weeks ago, Jen Kingwell's new book Quilt Lovely popped up on my radar.  I'm not a huge buyer of quilting books, mostly because there's so much information and inspiration out there in the blogosphere, and if a particular quilt takes my fancy, I'll just buy the individual pattern.

But, late one night, I was cruising Amazon, (as you do), and I saw the book again.  So I took a peek inside.  And that's when I saw it - Glitter - a quilt unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  I was transfixed.  My heart leapt... before I knew it I was clicking "buy now" and calculating the hours till the book would be in my hands.  I snapped a picture of Glitter with my phone to hold me over.

Three days later I had my baby in my arms.  I quickly flipped to the right page, my eyes skimming through the block instructions.  Suddenly, my blood went cold.  Oh no.  A knot formed in my stomach.  Y seams?  How could this be??  I'd been led to believe that we were a perfect match, that this quilt was The One.  And now it sprang Y seams on me??  It would never work.  Crushed, I put the book down and went to bed.

I thought about Glitter all day long the next day.  I looked at the picture on my phone.  I couldn't give up on us.  It was too damn good-looking.  It wasn't going to be easy, but some things are just "meant" to be.

I decided to bone up on Y seams and make a test block.  I watched a few videos about the traditional "sewing dot to dot" technique.  Then I found this little lady who proclaimed there was a better way.  I tried it, and it seems to work for me.  I'm just not quite sure of how to iron the seams on the back to avoid bulk (and the book doesn't mention these details).

The seams aren't perfect yet.  I'm going cut the four corner pieces more generously next time, and upsize the block a bit too.  It'll take some work, but hey, all relationships take work.  With a little patience, I think Glitter and I might end up happy together after all.

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  1. That is a very cool block and completely deserving of your time.

  2. What a pretty block! I've not really done much with Y seams...I did make several blocks that required the dot to dot technique and most of them had some puckering...but I was still so new to quilting (way wrong pattern, that's for sure!) that I didn't realize they were Y seams, and that it was even something to worry about! I bet your quilt will be beautiful!

  3. Wow such a great pattern! I have done Y seams on the machine before. Here's a couple of tricks I learnt along the way... sew with the 'needle down' option on your machine, that way you can stop at the intersections precisly! And, cut the background segments bigger to allow for any discrepancy later. Hope that's helpful, and good luck!

  4. This block is unique and lovely and I think worth your time to do Y seams (easy for me to say, not being the one doing them). But I bet after a little while you will feel like a pro.

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