Friday Finish - Far Far Away II Baby Quilt

I made this quilt back in March, and it was the quickest baby quilt I've ever made!  
In true Italian style, my friend told me her brother and his wife would be visiting with their new baby THE NIGHT BEFORE we saw them! Nothing like the last minute - I swear it's in their DNA!  The baby girl was almost six months old, so I'd been thinking about her quilt for a while, but I hadn't actually decided what to make.  I thought about not going, but then I decided to shift it into high gear and crank out a quilt for this long-awaited baby girl.  (Isn't she a little doll?)
So what could I make that would be fast yet still something special?  I knew the parents didn't want traditional pink.  Who could I turn to?  Heather Ross - don't fail me now!  I had a fat quarter bundle of Far, Far Away II that I purchased last summer, and I knew it would be perfect.  It had to be quick and easy, but I wanted the simple patchwork design to be balanced with some super special fabric.  I also added a few bees, frogs and strawberries from my Briar Rose stash.
For the backing I found some purple and white gingham that I had put aside for clothing for Olivia - it matched perfectly!  I quilted it in my go-to quick wavy lines.
I desperately wanted that thin yellow and white strip for the binding, but I only had a fat quarter of it!  Since the quilt is only 35" square, I did my calculations (twice) and realized I would have just enough to do it.  And it truly was, just enough - I had about a 3" long piece left when I was done! 
All in all, I made this quilt in six hours - three the night before and three the morning of the day we saw our friends.  The pictures we took outside that March morning were awful, with the terrible, harsh, end of winter light, so these are from my iPhone.  They are actually the progress pictures I sent to my mother!  (The third from the last photo is me bragging about my perfect corners! hee hee)
In the end, I was really happy with it, and so were our friends.  Who would have ever thought purple, orange and green would make such a sweet girl's quilt?  
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  1. I am amazed at how quickly you put that together!! It is just adorable with all those sweet little prints.

  2. That is a beautiful little quilt, and I agree the fabric combination is very sweet and dreamy.

  3. This is really pretty, love the little embroidery on it. Sometimes you can't beat basic patchwork with beautiful fabric. Nice work!

  4. lovely quilt, and you sure put it together quickly. Great job!

  5. it is so pretty, sometimes I like simple patchwork is the best, because it lets pretty fabrics just shine.

  6. Very pretty! Miss basic patchwork. Your corners are perfect as is your sewing. Thanks for sharing.

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