WIP Wednesday - Spring is officially here

Even though we still have too many overcast days, the chill is finally gone and we are looking forward to summer.  We've been busy sprucing up the garden, adding a few new flowers around the yard, and building a new bird net around the strawberry patch.  My original 60 strawberry runners have procreated, (despite my best efforts to keep them from spreading too much), and I think we will soon be inundated with strawberries.  Going to have to learn how to make jam...

My flowers are blooming, which makes me happy every time I catch a glimpse out the kitchen window.  Olivia scrunches up her face so cute "sniffing" the flowers!

Wanting to sew with voile is starting to be as synonymous with spring as tulips for me.  I have so many 4.5" voile squares floating around my sewing room you would not believe it!  This past weekend I finished the large queen size top for our bed, and next up is a twin size for Olivia's bed.  Her beautiful vintage bed frame has been bought, painted (professionally), and we are just waiting for the mattress to arrive to get it all set up.  I couldn't be more excited if the bed was for me.

I am also anxiously awaiting the postman have a beautiful Cotton + Steel lawn bundle on it's way from Carol and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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  1. I really like to work with AMH fabrics, and the thing I find so amazing about them is the range of color combinations that you can do with them. Even though her fabrics are so bold, your mix has a softer look, which is really nice.

    It's almost strawberry and white asparagus season here and I am so looking forward to it!

    Greetings from an American in Germany!

  2. Such beautiful patchwork! I want to try my hand at sewing with voile, I've heard lovely things about it. I just got two baby strawberry plants, I'm hoping to plant them this afternoon. The winter was too harsh on my other plants despite bringing them in, they didn't bounce back. Your flowers and garden look so inviting! :)

  3. Yummy colors everywhere in this post! Such a soft and pretty top and how fun to have a new bed!

    Sweet, sweet pictures!

  4. The new quilts will be so soft made of voile!! The flowers are great for spring and summer. Beautiful work!


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