March in a nutshell

In March I started working again, after almost 3 years of being a stay-at-home-mom, and boy has it been rough.  I know a lot of new moms miss their careers, but if it wasn't for financial need I would be more than happy raising my little girl and working away on all my stitchy projects.  So far it's been really hard to find time to sew/knit, but that's also been because Olivia's been sick with bronchitis for a few weeks (first antibiotic didn't get rid of it completely and last weekend it came back with a vengeance!).

In order not to lose track of my various wips, I started making a list of the things I was working on, and what my next projects will be when these are finished.  Then I realized I was just in time for a nice Wip Wednesday post! And for the first time in months, I've also got something to share for Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day, so here I am.

Just finished...

  • Flowering Snowball Quilt
I finished this quilt about a month ago, but between rain and harsh March sunlight I haven't been able to get a decent picture of it, and I love it so much, it really deserves a few decent pictures.

  • The Lottie Cardigan
I actually finished this adorable sweater at the very end of January (just under my self-imposed deadline!), but still haven't blogged about the finished product.  I will be doing that soon!

  • Far Far Away Baby Quilt
This was a last minute make but ended up super cute!  Will be blogging about this next week!

In the middle of...

  • Kona Squares II
This is a commission from my mother in law, one that I struggled against for a few months because I didn't want to just make the same quilt again.  After she shot down my best suggestions, I gave in a few weeks ago and started making a twin sized version of my original couch quilt.  Pick your battles right?

  • Palos Verdes Herringbone
Last year I splurged on a half yard bundle of the Palos Verdes organic voile to make something for Olivia's big girl bed.  I finally just said "what the hell" and jumped right in to another herringbone QAYG quilt.  I added a few Cambridge cotton lawn's in solid colours, which also helped make the bundle stretch to a twin size.  I've go the strips made and I'm just thinking about ordering some yardage for the backing.  It's just too gorgeous to go and put a plain cotton backing on it!

  • Single Girl Quilt
I started cutting the 16,000,000 pieces needed for a queen size Single Girl back in October, knowing full well this would be a slow-paced, long term quilt.  Ideally I would like to get it done by the summer.  I've got about six of the sixteen blocks done (with four quarters in each block).  I work on it once in a while when I need a break from the other stuff I'm doing, when I just want to sew without having to accomplish something.

Projects between now and summer

I have a big bundle of Little Folks voile in blue/yellow/green colourways that has been patiently waiting for me to get back to it.  I love the AMH voile quilt I made last summer so much, but it's a bit too small for two people.  I just received another half yard bundle of AMH voiles (above) that I ordered from the ever-awesome Jen, (love her!), and can't wait to mix them all up and make a nice big 90" square quilt.  I'm thinking a nice plus quilt would be good.  As soon as I get that Kona squares commission-monkey off my back I'm diving right in!

Of course the list doesn't count baby quilts which will be made as they become necessary.  I have the one finished that I'll be showing you soon, and two currently on the go.  I also have a shawl to knit and a ripple crochet blanket on the go!  (Re-reading this post I think I might possibly be out of my mind!)

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  1. So many projects! I love the fabrics in the single girl quilt. I'm amazed that you can get anything done working and with a young child. I hope you find time to work on your projects.

  2. Love the Single girl quilt. Excited to see how that one (and the others, of course) come along!

  3. All beautiful projects, can't wait to see your Flowering Snowball.

  4. Wow, what a post! If you're looking for a lawn backing, watch Sometimes they put lawns on sake and even with the exchange and shipping it's worth it (and I don't know many Canadian ships with yardage available anyway).


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