A Finish for Friday - I Spy Baby Quilt

This cute little quilt was started in a fit of late night inspiration back in July, but then got lost in summer clothes making and a birthday and then vacation time.  My in-laws spoke for it in August, so last week I got down to business and embroidered their friends' baby's name and birthdate on it.  It's now sitting with a bow on top, waiting for Christmas.
I really love this quilt.  I had kind of a "use it or lose it" attitude when I made it.  I cut up a ton of novelty fabrics that I had been saving but had never been incorporated into any other project and just went for it.  Nothing is repeated more than twice, and I made two other little bundles of squares for future I Spy quilts.
The back is a super soft Alexander Henry Farmdale print, (another print I'd been saving for no reason), and it's bound in cotton gingham.  When I embroider names on quilts I like to hide it a bit, so this time I did it in black like the bees antennae.  I always loved how some painters hid messages in their paintings, so I guess this is my version.
I hope the recipients like it as much as I do!

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WIP Wednesday - AMH Single Girl Quilt

It took me a long time to decide whether or not I wanted to make this quilt, but now that I am, I'm really excited about seeing it finished on my bed.  I am using my AMH leftovers from this quilt which include Field Study, Hand Drawn Garden, and Dowry.  I bought a fat quarter bundle of Pretty Potent when it came out, but I thought I liked it less than the other collections.  Once I started cutting it, I realized I do like it just as much, and so I bought another bundle just to keep my stock up!  (I may also have reordered bundles of all of the afore mentioned lines, and preordered the new collection coming out next month!)
I've only made one whole ring so far (4 blocks), to see if I wanted to do it fifteen more times.  Now I'm just working on piecing the rings.  I've been keeping the quarter rings together in groups, so that I don't duplicate a single fabric within a ring.  Once I get the rings all pieced, my plan is to just sew them to the low volume background with no calculation at all.  By the way, is there anything more annoying that cutting the outside arc of the background with a flimsy piece of paper as your template?!?  I can't wait to be done with it!
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