Friday Finish - A Voile Summer Quilt

Italy in the summer can get pretty hot, but sometimes you just need a little something to shield you from the AC, or the fan, or the breeze.  I first fell in love with Anna Maria Horner's voiles back when I made this baby quilt for Olivia just before I had her. 

In 2012 it was a suffocatingly hot summer (35C/95F with high humidity!), but I spent the last few days of my pregnancy with the fan pointed at me and the quilt draped over my bare legs.  I also took it to the hospital for a bit of comfort.  I knew I had to have one big-girl sized!  

In May 2013 I received my beautiful bundle of AMH Field Study from Fabricworm.  (Unpaid side note: I love that store!)   

With a limited amount of fabric (nine 1/2 yard cuts) I decided not to waste any and to do a simple patchwork.  I started in July of last year, but by the time I got the top together it was just too hot to be up on the second floor of our house, so it was shelved until the mercury dropped.  

Cut to now.  So far we've had a mild summer, but the Hades-like conditions could return at any minute.  Last week I knew it was time to get my little sweetheart out of the drawer and finished.  

I present to you: my new summer blanky:

As you can see, I'm not the only one that loves it.  

I used Hobbs Tuscany unbleached cotton batting, a batting that I had previously decided I didn't like because it was flimsier than my usual Warm 'n' Natural, but that was what I was going for here.  I have since used it for another summer baby quilt and have begun to appreciate it's weight for summer quilts.  
I quilted it in an elongated wave, because it gives a lovely texture and my FMQ stippling is truly terrible which is what I would really have liked.  

And just so my feelings are really clear on this: if you haven't made yourself a voile quilt yet - I highly recommend doing so as soon as possible!

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WIP Wednesday - Dream On Baby Quilt

This sweet little quilt is a commission from my husband's cousin who received her own baby quilt from me a few months ago.  It's for a 6 month old girl who's nursery is done in green.  I was inspired by Audrie's beautiful baby quilt, but I'm just going to put Kona snow in for the sashing.  I've had three charm packs of Dream On stashed away with the idea of making a quilt for Olivia in the future, but let's face it, half of my fabric is earmarked for future Olivia quilts, so I decided to sacrifice one.  I love this line - the colours and the retro feel remind me of my own childhood bedroom.  I had a flowery bedspread (way back in the 70's) and it had a netting on the back, so you could see the batting.  I remember I cut a whole in the net because I wanted to feel how soft the inside was.  Imagine my disappointment when I felt the scratchy polyester batting!  My mother was NOT happy - she made me sew a patch onto the hole I'd made.  Isn't that funny that I was interested in batting way back then?

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Finish Friday - Everything's coming up… Geraniums

It's Geranium season around here, and I don't mean the actual flowers!  This little coral red linen dress is actually the third I've made in the last three weeks, if you don't count the one I'm teaching my friend to sew for her little girl.  Rae is a genius - this pattern is adorable and super simple.  It's just a shame that such a beautiful colour photographs so badly!  

Olivia is a huge fan of Gaston, the ladybug from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom (children's cartoon), so I put some special little buttons on the dress.  Unfortunately for her, they're on the back!  She practically ripped them off during the photo shoot - "button off mommy!"

Also happening lately… my 60 strawberry plants are producing!  I'm thrilled - I only planted the runners in March so I wasn't sure how many I'd get this year.  Only hitch is that it's hard to keep Olivia from reaching under the bird net to pick them while playing outside! :)

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Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt… kind of

I have to admit - I kinda cheated on this skirt.  
My husband did a little spring cleaning and had thrown a few of his old shirts down in the laundry room for me to cut up and use as dust rags, and when I saw this one I thought it was nice enough to be recycled.  

So I just cut the front pieces of the skirt on the shirt front, and left the buttons right there.

See?  No placket to make!

After I made the pockets I sent a picture of them to my husband.  He responded "Cool. What are you making?"   to which I responded "doing something other than dust rags with your old shirt".  
About 20 minutes later he calls me and the conversation goes like this: 
Him: That wasn't by chance my Brooks Brothers pin stripe shirt was it?  
Me: Um… yeah.  It was in the pile of old shirts... 
Him: Well that was a mistake!  I love that shirt!  Do you know how much it cost??
Oops.  Luckily he's a good sport and said that at least it hadn't become a dust rag and was going to be something cute for our little girl.  

So there you have it - accidental recycling.  But I think it was worth it don't you?  
I will definitely be making this skirt again, but the proper way next time!

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