Finally finished - a pre-baby baby quilt

I'm so embarrassed to tell you how long this lovely quilt top sat waiting to be quilted that I'm not even going to link back to the original post!  Sufficed to say the top was done while I was pregnant, and then life with a baby and the fear of the minky backing meant it ended up in the ufo shelf in the closet.

Since Christmas I've been on a bit of a finishing up/clearing out binge, so I grabbed it one day last week and finished it in a few hours.  I wanted this to be a winter quilt, so it's another made with silk batting.  Between that and the lovely grey minky on the back, it's a gorgeous weight!  It's almost 40" square, so that means Olivia will be able to use it for a few years in bed, and a few more on the couch.  I bound it in some leftover grey flannel.  And surprisingly, the minky gave me no trouble whatsoever!

It was completely inspired by Tracey's beautiful bento box quilt.  I just love this design.  I would love to make a giant bed-size one too.

I used a fat quarter bundle of Creative Thursday's first fabric line "Meet the Gang", and added some coordinating prints from stash.  I really liked that collection - I also made a little baby plus quilt from the green colourway as a gift for a friend two years ago.

I've got one more baby quilt to finish, and then all Olivia-related wips will be done!

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WIP Wednesday - Briar Rose baby quilt

Since last Sunday I've been working away on a new baby quilt for a new cousin.  I have known for months I was going to use a portion of my Briar Rose stash, but I was still really nervous about cutting into it!  I was inspired by this quilt, whose picture I had set aside a while ago.  I sketched out the block to the size I wanted and then started cutting.  I have been rearranging the blocks constantly, trying to get the prints and colours spaced out evenly.  It's hard to choose a favourite print, but I sure do love that saturated coral print.  What a great colour.  And I know the baby's mom will love the frogs.

Anyway my quest for perfectly matching seams has meant spending a bit of time ripping and adjusting, but you can afford to fiddle around when it's a small baby quilt.  I think I might put a small strip of sashing in around the blocks, to avoid going nuts trying to match up all the blocks' points!  

Below is a picture of our Cheerio break.  I'm proud to point out she brought me Elisabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac to "read".  That's my girl!

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An Impulse Pillow

Yesterday I finally found the courage to cut into my precious Briar Rose fat quarter bundle, to make a baby quilt for my husband's cousin who had a gorgeous little baby girl in November.  But when I walked into my sewing room this morning, the scraps were calling to me.  Oh scraps - why do I love you so?  I almost like them more than yardage.

In no time at all, I had whipped up a little pillow top.  In order to be able to sew it, I kept telling Olivia it was for her.  "Mommy's making this for you!  Go get a toy and play".  I felt a little guilty, but not enough to stop sewing.  Bad mommy.

I backed it in simple white flannel, and quilted it with random lines in both directions. As soon as it was done she was all over it, and she and all her dolls had to try it out.  I think it turned out lovely, but then how can you go wrong with Heather Ross?

A (Gorgeous) Finish!

After working so hard for months last fall on handmade Christmas presents, I knew that in January I would be taking a break from deadlines to make something for us.  I chose the amazing quilt-as-you-go tutorial from Maureen Cracknell and decided to use all my Anna Maria Horner fabrics too.
(Side note: Maureen is a quilting goddess and everything she does is magic!)

As I've mentioned before, I slightly upsized the strips, and then made nine instead of eight, so the quilt is about 90" square.  Since I wanted a snuggly, winter quilt, I used a silk batting and then backed it with a Cynthia Rowley fleece sheet.  (Who knew Cynthia Rowley did fleece?)  It doesn't match perfectly, but it does make a great, cozy backing, which was what I was going for.  The fleece was tricky to work with, especially on the edges.  I spray glued and pinned before sewing on the scrappy binding.

I am super happy with how well this turned out, and how fast it came together.  I will definitely be doing QAYG again.

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A long time and a long list...

Hello all!  
I know it's been forever since I've written, but I haven't disappeared altogether.  Sometimes life just kinda takes precedence ya know?  Anyway, I'm back and I have a mountain of stuff to show you!  Are you comfortable?  Do you need to top up your coffee before you start reading?

This year we spent Christmas with my family in Canada.  Olivia is 18 months old now and we thought she would really enjoy meeting her cousins, playing in the snow, and all the great stuff there is to do at Christmas.  We were not wrong!  

Opening a present with cousin Liam.  Yes, I'm the dork in the antlers.

We had a full house - two parents, five kids, four sons/daughters in law, three grandkids, three dogs and one cat!

So now that I've set the scene, let me tell you about the presents.

I made four throw pillows for my mom, done with mostly DS fabrics in blues and a selection of Kona solids, (still working on that giant Kona box I bought three years ago!).  Please forgive the cell phone pic.

Then there was the quilt for my brother and his new wife, which was actually a wedding gift since they got married at the end of November.  They live downtown Toronto and are young and cosmopolitan, so I wanted to make it a sophisticated colour palette with modern fabrics they would like.  It was made to live sitting chicly on their grey couch!
I finished this up two days before we had to hop on a plane to Toronto, so I didn't end up getting any nice pictures of it.  Here are some cell phone pics I took during the making of.  At first I was going to do it all triangles, but then I thought that staggering the rows and adding a black background would make the fabrics really pop.  I used a silk batting to make it extra warm for those cold Canadian nights!

After we decided to go home to my parents' house for Christmas, I had to get my butt in gear and finish Olivia's Christmas stocking.  Both hers and my husband's are made from Bucilla felt stocking kits.  They are many, many hours of work, but definitely worth it.  
My family has a long tradition of felt stocking, starting more than 40 years ago when my late grandmother made two for my newly married parents.  Since she passed I have taken up the torch, making them for my niece and nephew the years they were born.  I am still working on one for me to have here in Italy, so I can keep my "original" one in Canada.

I managed to make a few couch pillows for us along the way, mostly made from extra fabric from the quilts I worked on.  

Two couch pillows with two couch potatoes!

A few weeks ago I signed up for Sanae and Ute's Secret Valentine Exchange.  I don't want to say too much, but since there is a flickr pool I assume I can show you the couch pillow that will soon be winging it's way toward my partner.

A couple of weeks ago we bought Olivia her first table and chair set, the boring "Latt" from Ikea.  I spiffed it up with some hot pink paint, a piece of Echino oilcloth I never made into bibs, and used the leftover hot pink canvas from the rocking chair in her room to upholster the seats.  I think it looks great don't you?  The perfect place to play with Play Doh!

Since we've been back I've been trying to finish up a few straggling WIPs, which seems to have become a theme in quilty blogland this past month.  

I am happy to say I have finally finished Olivia's cross stitch birth announcement.  Most of it was done while I was pregnant, but the date, weight and border still had to be done.  As usual with cross stitch, it took forever but the results are adorable!  I cannot wait to get this framed and hung up in her room!

Please forgive the pictures - we haven't seen the sun in weeks!

Now that that's done, my new evening project is to finish the hand stitching on my little mini quilt from last May…

My new big quilt project is a bit of a departure for me.  Not only am I using the last three collections of Anna Maria Horner's fabrics, it is quilt-as-you-go.  I am following Maureen's tutorial and making an AMH herringbone quilt.  I upsized it slightly to use 18" strips so I could a) make the quilt a bit bigger and b) just slice across all the fat quarters.  I've made the batting strips 11" wide and 90" long.  Maureen's blog is one of my favourites, and I have been curious about QAYG for a while now.  So here are the first four strips done, hanging on my design wall.  A good Virgo can never go full-on random, so I arranged all the strips before sewing to ensure good "random" colour placement!  Ha!

I've actually still got more things to show you, but I'm going to stop there and save it for another day.  Don't want to wear out my welcome!
I promise I will be back blogging much more this year, and I'm going to try and use Instagram more often too.  If you want to follow me I'm anniemac_original.

Talk soon!
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