A Finish for Friday - I Spy Baby Quilt

This cute little quilt was started in a fit of late night inspiration back in July, but then got lost in summer clothes making and a birthday and then vacation time.  My in-laws spoke for it in August, so last week I got down to business and embroidered their friends' baby's name and birthdate on it.  It's now sitting with a bow on top, waiting for Christmas.
I really love this quilt.  I had kind of a "use it or lose it" attitude when I made it.  I cut up a ton of novelty fabrics that I had been saving but had never been incorporated into any other project and just went for it.  Nothing is repeated more than twice, and I made two other little bundles of squares for future I Spy quilts.
The back is a super soft Alexander Henry Farmdale print, (another print I'd been saving for no reason), and it's bound in cotton gingham.  When I embroider names on quilts I like to hide it a bit, so this time I did it in black like the bees antennae.  I always loved how some painters hid messages in their paintings, so I guess this is my version.
I hope the recipients like it as much as I do!

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  1. Beautiful, colourful baby quilt!

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