Two whole years...

Today my little girl is two years old.  Anyone who has kids or kids close to them knows what a milestone this is, and how much they are real little people by this age.  It is truly amazing that my "baby" can now carry on a conversation, feed herself, go up and down a slide by herself, and all the other incredible things she does.

We had a little birthday party on Sunday, with a ladybug theme.  I dressed her in the linen Geranium dress with ladybug buttons, drew polkadots on red balloons, and of course, made a ladybug cake!

Here are a few pics:

(Sidenote: do you like my newly sewn curtains?  Fabric from Ikea)

It's rained so much the last six weeks, we only decorated inside the house.  The forecast for the afternoon was even thunderstorms, but it didn't rain at all and was a lovely afternoon!  So we moved the party outside…

Almost went face first into the cake she was so excited to blow out the candles!

Eating her cake with the big fork

I have a sneaking suspicion my husband really bought the bubble maker for himself...

Lots of fascinating presents

Little buddies

She had a great time, and so did everyone else.  
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Those are some great photos! Your daughter looks like she's having a blast.


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