June Recap

A special hello if you are visiting from Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day or Small Blog Meet!

As nap time is apparently over and I hear a little voice calling me, ("mommyyyy….are youuuu?…."), I'm going to have to be brief!  Here's June in a nutshell:

Finished a commissioned baby quilt top.  Forgive the iPhone pic but I was taking a quick shot of the top and she just had to get in it!

Got my DMC floss organized for my latest cross stitch project…

It's Gera's 60's Fashion cross stitch - aren't those little legs cute?  This is destined to be framed and put in Olivia's room.  I'll be posting more on this tomorrow...

Finished my summer voile quilt using Anna Maria Horner's Field Study voiles.  Love it!

Made a few Geranium tops and dresses.  This one is my favourite - red linen with lady bug buttons.  She looks spectacular in red!

Taught my friend Maiko how to sew for her little girl - another Geranium.  Such a simple and pretty pattern - great for beginners. 

Made a Hopscotch shirt for Olivia using some of that lovely Birch jersey.  The top came together really quickly and the fabric was easy to sew with.

Now I need some help from you guys.  
I had been mulling over the idea of making a quilt with Botanics and Lush Uptown.  I think the colours and prints work really well together.  

  Then I saw Meadow by Leah Duncan, and on the web the colours seemed like they would match.  Now that I have them all sitting together, I think that Meadow is a bit too different (although I find it hard to explain how exactly), not to mention the fact that Art Gallery fabrics just feel different from regular quilting cottons… (they feel great, just slightly smoother).  

        What do you think?  Should I keep these stacks separate or throw them all into the same quilt?

Thanks for stopping by…see you soon!


  1. A very busy month for you! Love the commission quilt and that VOILE! I confess I've never actually seen an entirely voile quilt - sounds lovely. And it's cool you make clothes for your daughter - I have a 3yo granddaughter I really want to sew for - I need to make that a priority!

  2. Love your voile quilt! Fabulous. Your commission quilt is so cute, so is your daughter!

  3. With regards to the fabrics. I think you could go either way. You could add in the meadow , but the original grouping looks fine without it. The meadow prints are a little less graphic.

  4. These are all amazing. I really love the AMH voile - such a beautiful color study. And the baby quilt is fun but still comforting colors. I'm a new follower from Lily's Quilts.

  5. Your voile quilt is stunning, as is the commissioned quilt. I'm a fan of mixing and matching fabrics, I say pick and choose what you love and just go for it! Happy Canada Day!

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