WIP Wednesday - Dream On Baby Quilt

This sweet little quilt is a commission from my husband's cousin who received her own baby quilt from me a few months ago.  It's for a 6 month old girl who's nursery is done in green.  I was inspired by Audrie's beautiful baby quilt, but I'm just going to put Kona snow in for the sashing.  I've had three charm packs of Dream On stashed away with the idea of making a quilt for Olivia in the future, but let's face it, half of my fabric is earmarked for future Olivia quilts, so I decided to sacrifice one.  I love this line - the colours and the retro feel remind me of my own childhood bedroom.  I had a flowery bedspread (way back in the 70's) and it had a netting on the back, so you could see the batting.  I remember I cut a whole in the net because I wanted to feel how soft the inside was.  Imagine my disappointment when I felt the scratchy polyester batting!  My mother was NOT happy - she made me sew a patch onto the hole I'd made.  Isn't that funny that I was interested in batting way back then?

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