Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt… kind of

I have to admit - I kinda cheated on this skirt.  
My husband did a little spring cleaning and had thrown a few of his old shirts down in the laundry room for me to cut up and use as dust rags, and when I saw this one I thought it was nice enough to be recycled.  

So I just cut the front pieces of the skirt on the shirt front, and left the buttons right there.

See?  No placket to make!

After I made the pockets I sent a picture of them to my husband.  He responded "Cool. What are you making?"   to which I responded "doing something other than dust rags with your old shirt".  
About 20 minutes later he calls me and the conversation goes like this: 
Him: That wasn't by chance my Brooks Brothers pin stripe shirt was it?  
Me: Um… yeah.  It was in the pile of old shirts... 
Him: Well that was a mistake!  I love that shirt!  Do you know how much it cost??
Oops.  Luckily he's a good sport and said that at least it hadn't become a dust rag and was going to be something cute for our little girl.  

So there you have it - accidental recycling.  But I think it was worth it don't you?  
I will definitely be making this skirt again, but the proper way next time!


  1. LOL! My husband claims I have taken all his favorite shirts to turn into quilts, but that's not really true. He still has a couple he wears that I'm eying.

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