Finish Friday - Everything's coming up… Geraniums

It's Geranium season around here, and I don't mean the actual flowers!  This little coral red linen dress is actually the third I've made in the last three weeks, if you don't count the one I'm teaching my friend to sew for her little girl.  Rae is a genius - this pattern is adorable and super simple.  It's just a shame that such a beautiful colour photographs so badly!  

Olivia is a huge fan of Gaston, the ladybug from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom (children's cartoon), so I put some special little buttons on the dress.  Unfortunately for her, they're on the back!  She practically ripped them off during the photo shoot - "button off mommy!"

Also happening lately… my 60 strawberry plants are producing!  I'm thrilled - I only planted the runners in March so I wasn't sure how many I'd get this year.  Only hitch is that it's hard to keep Olivia from reaching under the bird net to pick them while playing outside! :)

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  1. Beautiful color and very sweet little dress. Olivia is very cute.

  2. That is lovely dress and those buttons are super cute.

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