Sewing Japanese - A Success Story

Well I'll be damned - it can be done!

Last winter I started thinking about sewing for my little girl.  Naturally, I began my research online.  I found some really great blogs about sewing for kids (my favourites are listed on the right) and made a short list of patterns I wanted to try.  But I had also seen some amazing clothes that people had made from Japanese sewing books - something I didn't even know existed.  I haven't sewn clothes in a long time, so I didn't even consider buying a book with instructions in Japanese!

Then, a month ago, my Japanese friend Maiko, who doesn't sew at all, brought me a book.  I have no idea what the title is, but it rocked my world!  I absolutely loved the clothes, and seeing it up close gave me a chance to have a good look at the instructions and the pattern sheet.  I decided to jump right in.    

I tried these little knicker-type shorts first, since pants are pretty easy.

I loved them so much I went a little nuts and cut up an old pair of linen pants I hadn't worn in a while and made a second pair!

I was so excited by the fact that I was able to decipher the instructions and actually make this stuff I ordered a few more books from Amazon's Japanese site.  

Below is a top from one of those two books, with some Oliver + S Puppet Show shorts which I also made recently.  

Turns out the hardest thing about kid's clothes is getting them to stand still for a decent picture!

 If anyone is interested in the ISBN numbers for these books just let me know.  
I've got a lot of summer sewing planned… stay tuned!

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  1. You are amazing!! Can't stand little Olivia's cuteness :-)

  2. Adorable! Good for you figuring those out! I imagine there is no English writing in the books, only Japanese?

  3. Those are adorable! I just ordered what might be one of those books you have - but it has been translated to English.


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