Life, lately...

I seem to be having trouble writing very often unless I have a finish to show you.  It's so hard to find time to make things (much less take pictures, edit the pictures, and actually write something meaningful about it) when every minute of every day is consumed by this wonderful yet exhausting little person I'm raising.  And since my husband travels for weeks at a time, I only have the evenings to sew, and I'm usually exhausted by then!  

I know I'm very lucky that we could afford to have me quit my job and take care of Olivia full time for these first years, and sometimes I feel really guilt and selfish wishing I had some me time. I want to savor every moment with her, take every opportunity to give her a new experience or learn something.  But sometimes I miss the old Ann who flitted about Rome on her scooter, the Ann who loved her job and had an actual social life.  

I don't know how other women/mommies/bloggers do it.  Maybe their kids are older and go to school.  Maybe they have family nearby that helps out.  Maybe their kids just play by themselves where mine won't yet.  But they sure do seem to get more done than I do.

Anyway, here are just a few things going on over here...

The first tulips are up in my garden.  This is a project of mine I started last fall.  I rototilled a portion of our lawn (12' x 21') and have been trying to make an English cottage garden.  Got lots of books by the Royal Horticultural Society and have been trying to turn my thumb green.  I could look at those books for hours - such gorgeous gardens!  I also planted 60 strawberry plants in March that I'm hoping will produce this year.  Olivia can't wait for her "bobbies"!

Ordered a Crayola Color Wonder coloring book and markers from Amazon after I stupidly bought just the book when I was at home last Christmas.  She seems to like it, but she likes it better when mommy is there to do it with her.

Her new favorite game is closing the doors between us when one of us is on the balcony.  She loves the "knock knock" part!

I've been starting to sew her some summer clothes, so I've done a lot of zig-zagging and pre-washing lately.  Now if only spring would come so she could actually wear them!  I will be showing you some of my creations soon!  

A lovely stack of Sarah Jane, Heather Ross and Lizzie House all washed and ready to be made into something cute.

Here is the fabric I bought in Canada (or on Etsy) in December to make clothes for Olivia - everything from linen to organic cotton to chambray.  The hardest part for me is deciding which fabric for which pattern.  Since I can't get most of these fabrics locally, it's SO hard to cut into them.  You wouldn't think so, but the fabric stores I've been to in Italy have an absolute crap selection.  A large store in my city has three colors of flannel - white, cream and baby blue - and that's IT!  

On Sunday Olivia and I went to an organic fibre/fabric fair and I picked up this lovely hank of vegetable dyed 30% silk/70% wool yarn.  It should be enough to make a little cardigan for Olivia in the fall.  I love how it's darker and lighter in places.  

So, that's what's going on over here.  See you soon, or as Olivia says: "soon!"


  1. Don't worry you're not alone! The days where I get more done related to sewing or blogging, the housework gets totally neglected and that makes me feel guilty so I started slowing down too. The time with your daughter is way more important than entertaining strangers over the internet, so do what you have to do for you and that sweet girl!

  2. I don't even have the excuse of a husband or tiny person. I find it hard to blog on a regular basis, especially when the option is sew or blog about it. Sewing comes first, then reading about it, then blogging myself but that's after real life, wonderful, exhausting real life. :-)

  3. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing your life story and especially your little princess photos. She's so wonderful. I've a daughter as well, but she's only 2 now. She doesn't speak yet, but produces such funny sounds that I record every day her. It'll be for the family record book. Cheers, Georgia Black


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