WIP Wednesday - Taking it easy

For the last two weeks I had been working my tuckus off preparing for a triple birthday party we hosted last Sunday night, which included not less than two quilts and three cakes!  Late Sunday night, amid empty wine glasses and birthday cake crumbs, I said to my husband "I feel like I'm on vacation now!"
So, the following wips are being handled with the utmost nonchalance and I am consciously not giving myself any deadlines.  I'm going to try to putter - something that goes a bit against my nature!

Wip 1

Before I dug in to quilt one of the birthday quilts last week, I allowed myself a bit of time to chop up a little bundle of striped vintage bedsheets, bought from Jeni's etsy shop probably three years ago.  I was thinking of a twin size quilt, destined to eventually be on Olivia's bed, once she's out of the crib.  This is as far as I've gotten.  The strips are 4.5" wide, so I still have some options open: cut them lengthwise again into skinnier strips, make them into squares for a simple patchwork design… etc.  I am now a bit stuck as to where to go from here on this.  It almost looks a bit washed out, but I guess anything would be when you look at an all Anna Maria Horner quilt on your bed every day!  I'm toying with the idea of adding some soft colours to the mix.  Any suggestions are welcome!

Wip 2

I've been needing new placemats for a while now, and entertaining last weekend really just made me put them on the top of the list.  I've had this bundle of Jay McCarroll's Habitat since it came out a few years ago, and I'm thinking it's time it got used.  I bought this really cool pattern around Christmas and I'm dying to use it.

Wip 3

Aaaahhhhh.  This is me on vacation.  Playing with scraps.  It's my version of laying on the beach.  These are all the scrap triangles cut off my AMH Herringbone quilt.  I'm just matching light and dark and making some wonky hsts, without thinking about what they will become.  All that's missing is sunscreen and a margherita.

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  1. Oh man, that AMH quilt! I just can get into buying her fabrics (I see them in pictures I'm just like...eh, not quite me), and then I see quilts like this or bee blocks with snippets and I'm like wowww. Her next collection is on my To Buy list! Great use of the scraps!

  2. Playing with scraps is my idea of a vaca as well. I'm drawn to super saturated colors but sometimes the washed out look is a nice change of pace, good luck deciding what to design.

  3. LOL, that's my idea of a vacation as well. Wish my family felt the same. ;) I'm liking your stripe quilt!

  4. Pour me a margarita too- and the AMH scraps look wonderful! Have fun playing!

  5. Beautiful with the scraps!!!! AMH is the best!

  6. Your AMH quilt is AMAZING! Those bright colors and the great mix of pattern makes my heart sing!


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