WIP Wednesday - Flying Geese lap quilt

Despite a day in the ER for kidney stones (OMG PAIN!), and a few "lost" days recovering at home, I've managed to get all the geese sewn up for my friend's birthday quilt.  I'm hoping to get it sandwiched and quilted in the next few days so I can present it to her this weekend.  I'm currently stumped however as to how to quilt this one… anyone have any suggestions?  

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  1. Visiting from WIP Wednesday. I love love this. I had gall stones once and the pain was hideous. Ended up in ER four times just waiting till the surgeon had space. Hope yours gets dealt with soon.

  2. hope you're feeling better now. I would quilt curved lines around and inside the triangles. hop from one corner to the next in gentle curves.

  3. I really like your quilt - the design and the strong colours you have chosen. Not sure how I would quilt it, I'd probably do a search of similar quilts and see which quilting looked most appealing. It certainly makes a beautiful gift.
    I hope your week is now pain free too.

  4. Oh! So sorry to hear about your pain - that is awful. I hope all is well. This quilt is so great - I love this line. I'm currently trying to come up with quilting ideas for 4 quilts all ready to go, so I'm afraid I don't have the mental space to give you any fabulous ideas. Looking forward to seeing what you decide. I do like Brenda's idea!


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