An Impulse Pillow

Yesterday I finally found the courage to cut into my precious Briar Rose fat quarter bundle, to make a baby quilt for my husband's cousin who had a gorgeous little baby girl in November.  But when I walked into my sewing room this morning, the scraps were calling to me.  Oh scraps - why do I love you so?  I almost like them more than yardage.

In no time at all, I had whipped up a little pillow top.  In order to be able to sew it, I kept telling Olivia it was for her.  "Mommy's making this for you!  Go get a toy and play".  I felt a little guilty, but not enough to stop sewing.  Bad mommy.

I backed it in simple white flannel, and quilted it with random lines in both directions. As soon as it was done she was all over it, and she and all her dolls had to try it out.  I think it turned out lovely, but then how can you go wrong with Heather Ross?

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  1. It's lovely Ann! Briar Rose is really cute, I love the strawberries!


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