Oh Happy Day!

My Briar Rose has arrived! 

I'm going to make my little one a quilt for when she gets a big girl bed, but not immediately.  First I'm going to look at it for a while!

Voile obsessed

Last summer, when I made my daughter's voile quilt, I fell in love.  I had never used voile before and was absolutely won over by its soft lusciousness.  I immediately bought a big half-yard bundle of the same AMH Little Folks voile in yellow and green tones with the idea of making one for myself.  I may have mentioned something about wearing it wrapped around my naked body toga-style, but let's not get bogged down in details!

I started working on the Little Folks quilt, putting 4.5" squares into a plus design.

I quickly realized that I had enough fabric to make a really big queen size quilt, but, as I just finished a massive queen-sized project, (which I will reveal to you as soon as I can take a decent picture of the behemoth!), I decided not to get into another big quilt right now.  

So, I tucked the Little Folks away for another day, and brought out my beautiful bundle of AMH's Field Study in voile.  I adore these colours!   

I stuck with 4.5" squares because I want to do an orange peel quilting on it, and I plan on using my 8" round cake pan to draw the lines on!  (Very professional, I know!)

After putting baby to bed, I poured myself and my sister a glass of bubbly, and started cutting.

Photo from my Instagram account:  anniemac_original

We quickly settled on a simple patchwork design - something I haven't yet.  I'm thinking a super light bamboo batting will make this a perfect warm weather quilt.

I love this line so much I even kept the 1" x 4.5" scraps - maybe I'll do a pillow cover with them.

Maybe I should rename this blog "beautiful scraps" - I can never resist photographing them... are you tired of seeing them?

And this is what I've been able to sew together so far.  Summer is in full force here and it's fairly unpleasant to be on the second floor of the house during the day, so I'm not as far along as I'd like to be.  I do hope to use this quilt before summer fades away, so I will not let this fall by the wayside.
Talk soon!

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