A bucket hat for baby

Since summer has finally arrived (92° yesterday!), I finally got down to making Olivia a bucket hat using this free Oliver + S pattern.  I saw it last year when I was pregnant and had been saving it.  So yesterday I grabbed some of Alexander Henry's Larkspur Meadow from my stash and got to it!

Now, I know that saying about "it's a poor carpenter who blames the hammer", and maybe the little glitches I encountered were completely my fault, but I thought the instructions could have been a tad clearer.  I don't know why I had to sew 1/2" seams, and then trim some down to 1/4" and others to 1/8".  As a quilter, seams that are less than 1/4" seem a little risky, especially on something that might end up being washed often, so I didn't cut them to less than that.  Also, the brim and bucket side pattern pieces didn't say "cut on fold".  I have sewn garments before, so I knew to do that, but someone without experience wouldn't have.

Another thing I've learned quilting is to be very precise when cutting.  Even though I was careful, the top part of the hat would not match up to the sides, so to be able to sew it without any puckers I had to trim off a bit.

I hope I don't sound too ungrateful, because I think it's really nice of Oliver + S to make some patterns available for free, but I feel obligated to tell you what my experience was!  I will definitely be making it again, so maybe things will go smoother the second time.

In the end I think it turned out pretty cute - don't you?

Or it could just be that the model's so dang gorgeous...

See you soon!


  1. I love this hat!!! Sweet little one too!

  2. Yes! Your model is totally gorgeous :) xx

  3. Just popped over from Sanae's Secret Valentine Exchange to have a peek at your quilted cushion, and the dogs, and the cute kid in her gorgeous hat.
    I wonder if your hat problem may have been this: the sidewall of the hat is constructed from TWO pieces for the outer and TWO pieces for the inner. They are not cut on the fold but sewn together with 1/2" seams. You end up with a seam on each side of the hat. Perhaps by cutting your side pieces on the fold the fit of the sides and the crown was out of whack.
    Anyway, it turned out supercute

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