A bucket hat for baby

Since summer has finally arrived (92° yesterday!), I finally got down to making Olivia a bucket hat using this free Oliver + S pattern.  I saw it last year when I was pregnant and had been saving it.  So yesterday I grabbed some of Alexander Henry's Larkspur Meadow from my stash and got to it!

Now, I know that saying about "it's a poor carpenter who blames the hammer", and maybe the little glitches I encountered were completely my fault, but I thought the instructions could have been a tad clearer.  I don't know why I had to sew 1/2" seams, and then trim some down to 1/4" and others to 1/8".  As a quilter, seams that are less than 1/4" seem a little risky, especially on something that might end up being washed often, so I didn't cut them to less than that.  Also, the brim and bucket side pattern pieces didn't say "cut on fold".  I have sewn garments before, so I knew to do that, but someone without experience wouldn't have.

Another thing I've learned quilting is to be very precise when cutting.  Even though I was careful, the top part of the hat would not match up to the sides, so to be able to sew it without any puckers I had to trim off a bit.

I hope I don't sound too ungrateful, because I think it's really nice of Oliver + S to make some patterns available for free, but I feel obligated to tell you what my experience was!  I will definitely be making it again, so maybe things will go smoother the second time.

In the end I think it turned out pretty cute - don't you?

Or it could just be that the model's so dang gorgeous...

See you soon!

A New Blanket

This morning we went out for a walk to get a cappuccino.  I thought I'd take along the spring blanket I just finished for Olivia and try and get a nice picture of it.  Recently it dawned on me that you guys might enjoy seeing a little bit of Italy in my crafty pics - after all, I like to get a glimpse of life in Hawaii and New Zealand and other places through other people's blogs.  So from now on I'm going to try to include a little bit of local scenery for you.

It's a simple zig zag crochet, done with this tutorial, in cotton.  I bought the yarn at a place in Rome last year, and the colour selection wasn't the greatest so I ended up with pinks and purples.  Not my favourite, but I figure it's fine since it's one of many, many blankets Olivia will have!

And here's a behind the scenes picture of my little family waiting patiently.  You know he's secure in his masculinity pushing a pink stroller while holding two chihuahuas!

After coffee Olivia and I practiced walking for a bit.

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