Another AMH Voile Baby quilt!

This is another recent finish that I've decided to share - a baby quilt for a friend made with Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voiles.  

It is very similar to a quilt I made for Olivia last year.  When I was making that one I was thinking the colours were perfect for my friend Ilaria.  She is always wearing pinks and burgundies, and luckily she was having a girl!  

Simple line quilting again and backed with a single print from the collection

 I embroidered the baby's name and birthday - definitely my favourite part of baby quilts.  Did you see that little miss Giulia missed having an awesome birthday by a few hours?  I called her mom on the afternoon of the 12th and told her to push and get that baby out by midnight!!!  

Baby testing...

Ok that's enough - up mommy!

Last year when I did Olivia's quilt I fell in love with AMH's voile.  It is just the softest, most luxurious fabric ever!  If you haven't tried it I highly suggest you do!  A few months ago I bought a half yard bundle of Field Study from Fabricworm to make a big throw quilt just for me.  Hubby will be jealous, but I don't care.  I just love that lush tangerine print on top!


  1. Very pretty- love those fabrics. Also, fabulous list of quilt blogs! My bloglovin' list just doubled in size.

  2. Oooh, this is pretty! But that baby!!!

  3. Lovely quilt. I love the colours and the voile must feel so soft :) beautiful baby too!

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