Lazy days and granny squares

Well, not a whole lot to report from this side of the ocean, other than a much relaxation and time spent hanging out with the family.  My mom and my sisters and I did get in a trip down to Buffalo, NY to go to a Carter's store - what a place!  Adorable kids clothes and fantastic prices!  You would never find stuff this cute for so little in Italy.

My first weekend home I paid a visit to our local yarn store and picked up some Bernat Softee Baby in some lovely girly colours.  I couldn't decide which new pattern to do so I ended up going with tried and true mini granny squares, which has meant a TON of weaving in ends.  I whipped up 120 of them, and now am working to join them all using a tutorial I found.    

The joined parts are a bit 3D, so I'm hoping that blocking it when I'm done will make it all lay flat.   

As you can see Nina has found the whole process rather boring...

Crocheting really seems to put her to sleep!

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