Some finishes and a huge WIP!

I have just loved touching these voile fabrics so much that I actually finished another baby quilt in three days!  
I'm in love!  Why did it take me so long to try this magical fabric?

To make sure it was really solid I quilted both in the ditch and 1/4" from the horizontal seams on each side, since I had some tension issues when piecing.  I didn't want the quilting to be too dense though to keep it nice and fluffy.  It is backed and bound in the pastry print in magenta, and I used an Aurifil pink of the same colour for the bobbin, so there aren't big noticeable lines on the back.  On the front I used an Aurifil cream colour in 28 weight.  The bricks finish at 3 x 6 inches.  

I did get a little mixed up with the order of the bricks, probably due to a less than great makeshift design board and being tired at the end of the pregnancy, so there are some prints touching each other.  While this non-perfection bothers a good Virgo like myself, when I realized what I had done I was NOT about to pick apart the stitches.  It's beautiful anyway!  

I am seriously considering buying another, bigger bundle in a different colourway and making one for myself!  And then just wrapping it around my naked self like a toga for the rest of the summer...

Here's another finish from the last few days - my hand-stitched scrappy pillow for the nursery.

So what's this big WIP you ask?  
Oh, just a little creature that is 41 weeks + 2 days old that doesn't seem to want to come out and join us!  Apparently I have a pretty comfy womb!

Keep ya posted...


  1. It's fabulous! I might have to get some of that fabric myself. And I didn't even notice any design placement issues. It looks like you meant to do that, and it works beautifully.
    So glad you're feeling well enough to post. Still praying for you and Olivia! Would love to see the back of the quilt, too, even tho I know you posted a pic the other day...

  2. Eeek! Come on Olivia! Love that quilt, I've never worked with voile, but ive heard its fabulous, love bricks, and the pillow with hand stitching is just perfect!

  3. Your voile quilt worked out perfectly and the pillows are just adorable.
    Any action yet?

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