Weekend update

I finished two quilts, a blanket and a pillow this weekend folks!  Can you believe it?  
As the due date creeps closer and closer, I am sewing like a madwoman, trying to get all things nursery done asap!  (I swear I can hear Flight of the Bumblebee as I'm hunched over my machine!)

Just to literally show you how little time is left - here I am doing my Humpty Dumpty impression:

Ok now to the thing you came here for - the quilts!

First up is the Fandango quilt to go with our quilt and Olivia's bassinet sheets.  

For the quilting, I first did a big X from corner to corner, and then filled the in the four quadrants with echoing V's, each one inch apart.  I'm super happy with how this turned out.  Without having fmq stippling down yet I thought I was doomed to do straight lines on all my quilts, but this idea came to me while I was basting.  (Yes I realized they're still lines but you know what I mean!)

And here's an "action shot" with the bassinet!

Next finish is that surprise quilt I hinted at about two weeks ago.  I call it the Confetti quilt, just because I think that's what this design is called.  I haven't reinvented the wheel, but I have been wanting to do this with my Kona solids bright jelly roll for a while and when more Essex linen finally arrived - I got to it!

Forgive the not-so-great photos - it was raining.

For the last blanket we have a simple little yellow minky blanket, bound in more of that endless Remix binding...

Since I've been embroidering Olivia's name on all the things I make for her, I have really started to enjoy hand stitching with perle cotton.  So I decided to whip up a pillow cover for the rocking chair in the nursery using my Sherbet Pips leftovers and some pink perle cotton.  

Fussy cut centre block - don't you just love the little girls on swings print?  

Here's a shot that shows the hand stitching off.  

And here it is on it's new home - the redone rocking chair.  Sorry I can't show more of the nursery yet - you will get a full tour when it's all done I promise!

Whew, that's a lot of stuff!  Who knew babies were such hard work???  
And I still have so much more to do... off I go!


  1. Love your Fandango quilt - and I have done similar straight line quilting as well as it is easier for me then FMQ. And the Pips pillow is gorgeous !!

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