Wednesday WIPS

My other title for this entry was "Continuous Binding - the nightmare that never ends!"

I have been saving a yard of Ann Kelle's remix stripes to bind a few baby quilts, and yesterday I decided to stop putting off this task and get to it.  I found a tutorial that seemed simple enough, but once I got started it didn't really explain it well.  Either that or I'M too simple!!

Anyway, the first problem was figuring out how to sew the fabric together after marking my lines.  After cutting a few rounds, I realized that they weren't matching up.

So I got out my ruler and straightened them up.  It really irks me that this didn't work - I was pretty precise in my line drawing before the fabric was sewn into a tube.  Maybe "baby brain" IS a real thing.  
Does anyone have a better way or perhaps a good tutorial to share with me?

Even the dogs couldn't take anymore!

Finally, after about three hours, I finished.  Behold: 3724 kilometers of continuous bias-cut binding!

Of course now my back is killing me too much to go on and actually BIND the quilt!  Argh!

Yesterday's monotonous task was making yards and yards of what will eventually be the crib skirt.  

The design is the opposite of the curtain's I made for the baby's room. 

And, since sleep is difficult at best when you're 8 months pregnant, what with the bathroom trips and the restless arms and the impossibility of finding a comfortable position, last night when the clock struck 1:00am I was in the sewing room doing a little hand-stitching on two of the baby's quilts.  

Luckily I remembered that about a year ago I bought this lovely little Perle Sampler Pack from Sew Lux Fabrics, and I finally got the chance to use it.

There is a teeny mistake on one of these - can you see it?  

Thanks for bearing with me.  I'll try to be in a more pleasant mood soon! :)


  1. I've never tried to make binding that way, usually I just cut my strips and sew each one the crib skirt, looks perfect with the curtains!!

  2. Ok, want to know something weird? I just made 2000km of continuous bias binding out of the same polkadot fabric you used for your crib skirt! I bound my Blackbird Fly with it. The trick to matching the lines when you sew the sides of your binding 'barrel' together is that the lines actually have to meet 1/4" down from the edge of the fabric (NOT 1/4" along the line from the edge, but 1/4" perpendicular from the edge of the fabric). I stick a pin into the line 1/4" from the edge (so, where your needle will pass over the drawn line as you sew a 1/4" seam), then stick the pin through the line it has to join up with, then wiggle the fabric left and right until the pin is totally perpendicular to the fabric (ie. straight through both lines).

    Oh man, that sounds ridiculous. Sorry, it's the kind of thing you have to be shown in real life! I'll try again: imagine you've got the raw edges matching and you're ready to sew the 1/4" joining seam. If you put your fabric up to a window, each of your drawn lines should overlap it's partner in an X 1/4" from the raw edge. Your 1/4" seam should come down and pass through the crosses of each X. Get it? Ok, next time.

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