Plugging along...

No big finishes to speak of, but I did whip up two placemats, (enough me and the hubs at our kitchen bar), using the leftovers from the Rivoli bundle I made the kitchen curtains from.  After all this HST frenzy in blogland I was curious to try them out.  I like them, but the seams where they all come together get pretty thick.  (Please ignore the crumbs on the cutting board - the shame!)

Then I finished the mini postage stamp part of my latest baby quilt - a gift for a fellow mommy-to-be in my birth class.  Her favourite colours are lilac and light blue, so I got out the leftovers from my Terrain jelly roll, a few Kona purples, and whipped this up yesterday.  I think this will be perfect set off-centre in some Essex linen, maybe quilted in concentric circles alla Malka.  

(I just realized my baby bump made it into the shot.  It's in the way a lot these days!)

So, as I'm finishing up, I look behind me and see THE cutest scene (this week!) of my two babies in their sewing room bed.  Seriously people - how CUTE are they???

At first they kept themselves busy playing...

 ...and the next time I looked they had nodded off.  
(Hey, watching someone sew is boring - what can I do?)


  1. Super cute Ann! I think your plan for the baby quilt sounds awesome, linen will be the perfect compliment to all those purples and blues, love!

  2. Oh, I love the little peek of your baby bump - so cute! The placemats are fab, the postage stamp quilt will be, too and your pups are truly adorable.


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