Fandango revisited

Last year I used Kate Spain's Fandango to make my first queen size quilt for our bed, and six matching pillow cases. 

It is the perfect weight for summer time sleeping.  And it will be on our bed when Olivia gets here in July.

Recently, we bought this really cool Stokke bassinet, so the baby can be beside my bed for the first few months.  Since Stokke's fitted sheets are very plain and ridiculously expensive, it was a no-brainer that I would make my own.

I was pretty tickled when I realized I had enough yardage left over to make some fitted sheets.  I know I'm a textbook Virgo, and you can roll your eyes all you want, but I love that Olivia's bedding will match ours!  

 3 fitted sheets

My favourite fitted sheet in the bassinet 

Since I also had a charm pack, I decided to make a little Fandango baby quilt too!  It was the perfect opportunity to make my own squares on point quilt like the one Jess made that I admired.

I used some Kona Butter that I had on hand, and only did 1" sashing (1/2" finished) as I didn't want the quilt to get too big.  I still have enough Fandango left over for the back and the border!  (Obviously back then I had no clue how to calculate fabric for a quilt!)

How bloody cute is this dog???  (Olivia's going to have a hard act to follow!)

Also this weekend: some progress on the cross stitch birth record.  I can't wait till I'm done this thing!


  1. Its all amazing! I am not a Virgo, but also LOVE that your baby bedding will match your bedding :-) super cute quilt, I love your version, your are a quilting machine lady!!

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