Weekend update

I finished two quilts, a blanket and a pillow this weekend folks!  Can you believe it?  
As the due date creeps closer and closer, I am sewing like a madwoman, trying to get all things nursery done asap!  (I swear I can hear Flight of the Bumblebee as I'm hunched over my machine!)

Just to literally show you how little time is left - here I am doing my Humpty Dumpty impression:

Ok now to the thing you came here for - the quilts!

First up is the Fandango quilt to go with our quilt and Olivia's bassinet sheets.  

For the quilting, I first did a big X from corner to corner, and then filled the in the four quadrants with echoing V's, each one inch apart.  I'm super happy with how this turned out.  Without having fmq stippling down yet I thought I was doomed to do straight lines on all my quilts, but this idea came to me while I was basting.  (Yes I realized they're still lines but you know what I mean!)

And here's an "action shot" with the bassinet!

Next finish is that surprise quilt I hinted at about two weeks ago.  I call it the Confetti quilt, just because I think that's what this design is called.  I haven't reinvented the wheel, but I have been wanting to do this with my Kona solids bright jelly roll for a while and when more Essex linen finally arrived - I got to it!

Forgive the not-so-great photos - it was raining.

For the last blanket we have a simple little yellow minky blanket, bound in more of that endless Remix binding...

Since I've been embroidering Olivia's name on all the things I make for her, I have really started to enjoy hand stitching with perle cotton.  So I decided to whip up a pillow cover for the rocking chair in the nursery using my Sherbet Pips leftovers and some pink perle cotton.  

Fussy cut centre block - don't you just love the little girls on swings print?  

Here's a shot that shows the hand stitching off.  

And here it is on it's new home - the redone rocking chair.  Sorry I can't show more of the nursery yet - you will get a full tour when it's all done I promise!

Whew, that's a lot of stuff!  Who knew babies were such hard work???  
And I still have so much more to do... off I go!

What to do at 5:00 am on a Sunday morning when sleep eludes you...

Wrap your pudgy prego fingers around an exacto knife and start hacking away at your Kona colour card!

I have actually wanted to do this for a while now, and since there are 28 new colours coming out I figured now was the time.  I am looking forward to hours of fun mixing and matching!

Wednesday WIPS

My other title for this entry was "Continuous Binding - the nightmare that never ends!"

I have been saving a yard of Ann Kelle's remix stripes to bind a few baby quilts, and yesterday I decided to stop putting off this task and get to it.  I found a tutorial that seemed simple enough, but once I got started it didn't really explain it well.  Either that or I'M too simple!!

Anyway, the first problem was figuring out how to sew the fabric together after marking my lines.  After cutting a few rounds, I realized that they weren't matching up.

So I got out my ruler and straightened them up.  It really irks me that this didn't work - I was pretty precise in my line drawing before the fabric was sewn into a tube.  Maybe "baby brain" IS a real thing.  
Does anyone have a better way or perhaps a good tutorial to share with me?

Even the dogs couldn't take anymore!

Finally, after about three hours, I finished.  Behold: 3724 kilometers of continuous bias-cut binding!

Of course now my back is killing me too much to go on and actually BIND the quilt!  Argh!

Yesterday's monotonous task was making yards and yards of what will eventually be the crib skirt.  

The design is the opposite of the curtain's I made for the baby's room. 

And, since sleep is difficult at best when you're 8 months pregnant, what with the bathroom trips and the restless arms and the impossibility of finding a comfortable position, last night when the clock struck 1:00am I was in the sewing room doing a little hand-stitching on two of the baby's quilts.  

Luckily I remembered that about a year ago I bought this lovely little Perle Sampler Pack from Sew Lux Fabrics, and I finally got the chance to use it.

There is a teeny mistake on one of these - can you see it?  

Thanks for bearing with me.  I'll try to be in a more pleasant mood soon! :)

Fandango revisited

Last year I used Kate Spain's Fandango to make my first queen size quilt for our bed, and six matching pillow cases. 

It is the perfect weight for summer time sleeping.  And it will be on our bed when Olivia gets here in July.

Recently, we bought this really cool Stokke bassinet, so the baby can be beside my bed for the first few months.  Since Stokke's fitted sheets are very plain and ridiculously expensive, it was a no-brainer that I would make my own.

I was pretty tickled when I realized I had enough yardage left over to make some fitted sheets.  I know I'm a textbook Virgo, and you can roll your eyes all you want, but I love that Olivia's bedding will match ours!  

 3 fitted sheets

My favourite fitted sheet in the bassinet 

Since I also had a charm pack, I decided to make a little Fandango baby quilt too!  It was the perfect opportunity to make my own squares on point quilt like the one Jess made that I admired.

I used some Kona Butter that I had on hand, and only did 1" sashing (1/2" finished) as I didn't want the quilt to get too big.  I still have enough Fandango left over for the back and the border!  (Obviously back then I had no clue how to calculate fabric for a quilt!)

How bloody cute is this dog???  (Olivia's going to have a hard act to follow!)

Also this weekend: some progress on the cross stitch birth record.  I can't wait till I'm done this thing!

Purple postage stamp baby quilt

Baby Matilde got here three weeks earlier than planned - yesterday!  So I worked my little tushie off today getting the quilt ready to take to her mommy in the hospital.  All I have to do is the border and a washing and it should be ready for visiting hours tomorrow evening!  
As we saw, my fmq circles were terrible, so I opted for a radiating quarter circle done in a gorgeous purple Aurifil 12 weight.  

I used some Perle cotton to hand stitch her name and birthday in one of the tiny squares.

I hope she likes it!

Jumping on the x and + bandwagon

I know this has nothing to do with the nursery preparations, but I was desperate for something success in the sewing room last night, after the fmq disaster earlier in the day.  I grabbed some scraps, printed off Amy's tutorial, and whipped up some x and + blocks!  I love them!  

I can't imagine how long it would take to do a whole quilt with these blocks, but I can at least make a nice quick cover for a couch pillow no?  


Sorry to anyone with delicate sensibilities, (talking to you mom!), but this is the nicest title I could think of.  So it's a rainy Sunday, and I thought I'd get out my Pfaff manual and a test quilt sandwich today to practice some free motion quilting, with an eye to doing circles on the Terrain and linen baby quilt.  After an hour, I realized something: I SUCK at fmq!  I am so frustrated.  I can't get the stitches to be the same length for the life of me!  I turned down the speed, I turned down the stitch length, and it just won't come.  
This, sadly, was my best outcome:

Does everyone have this much trouble at the beginning?
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Plugging along...

No big finishes to speak of, but I did whip up two placemats, (enough me and the hubs at our kitchen bar), using the leftovers from the Rivoli bundle I made the kitchen curtains from.  After all this HST frenzy in blogland I was curious to try them out.  I like them, but the seams where they all come together get pretty thick.  (Please ignore the crumbs on the cutting board - the shame!)

Then I finished the mini postage stamp part of my latest baby quilt - a gift for a fellow mommy-to-be in my birth class.  Her favourite colours are lilac and light blue, so I got out the leftovers from my Terrain jelly roll, a few Kona purples, and whipped this up yesterday.  I think this will be perfect set off-centre in some Essex linen, maybe quilted in concentric circles alla Malka.  

(I just realized my baby bump made it into the shot.  It's in the way a lot these days!)

So, as I'm finishing up, I look behind me and see THE cutest scene (this week!) of my two babies in their sewing room bed.  Seriously people - how CUTE are they???

At first they kept themselves busy playing...

 ...and the next time I looked they had nodded off.  
(Hey, watching someone sew is boring - what can I do?)

Sunny morning studio

After all the spring showers (re: thunderstorms) we've had in the last few weeks, it is such a joy to wake up to sunshine!  This was my studio this morning at 7am...

I bought the cutest pattern from Etsy for baby mary jane's - can't wait to get started on a pair!  

Had some fun last night pulling solids to go with the shipment of Remix (Ann Kelle) that arrived yesterday from Hawthorne Threads.  Still trying to decide what kind of quilt to make with these beauties.  Maybe squares set on point like Jess's pretty baby quilt?  Anyone have any other ideas?

WIP Wednesday

Well I'm only going to give a sneak peak of this week's WIP... it's almost done so I'll be showing it to you soon! 

Yesterday I pulled out the polka dot beach towel I got at Target in March and some flannel and made eight little burp cloths.

And another piece of the nursery... we found the most adorable door pulls for the armoire!  Aren't they sweet?  Sweet but not too babyish.

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