Weekend update

I know, I know, it's Tuesday already, but yesterday I was suffering from low blood pressure, so all I did was minimal housework and tv watching!  Sue me - I'm 7 months pregnant!

So this weekend I finished my kitchen curtains and we hung them up.  What do you think?

I used Alexander Henry's Heath on the top half and then various prints from his Rivoli for the bottom.  I LOVE Alexander Henry!  
I know they look like a lot of curtain for just the kitchen, but the window faces west so for a good part of the afternoon we have blinding sun rays and I wanted something I can close.  

This is the view of our little front yard.  Hubs put in the begonias along the front walk just before I came home from Canada as a little surprise for me!  Awww...

I have also finished cutting up and resewing the bento box blocks.  I have a nice piece of grey minky I'm going to use on the back.  The quilt is a bit bigger than your standard baby quilt, but with this type of block I didn't want to make them any smaller.  The middle square is 4", the whole block is 14".

I really wish I'd been able to do the whole nursery in grey and yellow - it's a colour combination I adore!  But the hubs didn't want grey in his baby girl's room.  Gotta let him win a few battles.  (emphasis on "few"!)

We also went crib shopping this weekend, but ended up only buying the mattress and the change table pad.  I remembered I'd seen the crib I wanted online, for almost 100 euros cheaper than in the stores!
But at least now I can start planning the fitted sheets and the pad covers.  
I still shake my head in disbelief as I walk past the mattress and think "There's a CRIB MATTRESS in my house!"  I don't think it will really be REAL until she's born.  


  1. Love your curtains and the bento boxes! I also adore yellow and grey...I'd love to do our dining room in those colors...maybe one day. So excited for you guys!!

  2. So funny, I just sent you an email about making curtains in your upcoming 'nesting phase', then here I am reading about your new curtains. Check one off the list already!! They're super pretty.

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