Cross stitch mania!

And by mania I mean it's driving me crazy!  

Every time I do a cross stitch project, I tell myself it's the last time!  And yet, here I am again.
When I was at home in March I found an adorable birth record at Joann's in Buffalo (by Dimensions).  I love that it looks like a kid drew the animals!

So far I've got the pig and the lamb done.  

I did each animal in one day, but it probably took 5-6 hours for each animal.  Ugh!  The thing I hate about cross stitch is the counting.  I am much more a "wing it" type of girl.  I make quilts without too much calculating, I paint paintings without know where I'll end up, and I've even made clothes without patterns.  

Last week when I was at my LQS stocking up on Aurifil, I saw this cute little giraffe and decided we needed it.  I came with a little booklet and some floss to cross stitch something in his bib.  I decided to use some monochromatic pinks I already had and to do something more than just a little flower.

Giraffe accomplished!

I've also done the first of two hooded towels.  I just have to add "Olivia's bath time" underneath.   

Cute huh?  I guess it was worth the aggravation.  But as soon as I get the second towel and this bloody birth record done - that's IT for me and cross stitch!


  1. aw, your x-stitch projects are cute! but i totally sympathize about the counting. you could design your own or try free-form/improvisational stitching? if you like the process of stitching, this is a way to do it without all the counting.

  2. I've never cross-stitched but my mom is pro. I want to retain what little close range vision I have! Your baby projects are all adorable and the birth record will be so worth it. We recently found my husband's cross stitched birth record in a little frame - I'm so happy to have it! Enjoy your quiet x-stitching time while you can.

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