Back home and entering the nesting phase!

See that stack of fabric on the cutting board?  That's about half of what I brought home from Canada!  I stocked up on all the fabric I thought I would need for the nursery, and this week I intend to get to making her curtains, and curtains for the kitchen.  I also have to recover the cushions from the rocking chair we bought second hand, which are currently this horrible flowery fabric.  

So this is the colour palette I have decided on for the nursery: pink, hot pink, lime, and black & white.  It's really hard to settle on a certain colour combination when there are so many beautiful possibilities.  I wanted it to be feminine, but modern and not too babyish.  I'm also thinking about doing a polka dot wall, if it won't be too busy.

Before I went home, I had started cutting for a bento box baby quilt, using the same Thursday's Gang fabrics I used for my neighbors quilt, but in the dusk colourway (yellow and grey).  So I couldn't help immediately doing up one of the blocks to make sure my calculations were correct.  

...with Ginger

...with Nina.
YOU try taking a picture of something on the floor with two curious chihuahuas!

I have been in love with Traceyjay's bento box quilt (here below) since I first saw it, so I'm really excited about finally making one of my own.  

I also spent an afternoon emptying my suitcases and putting all of the baby's clothes into the armoire!  I never knew spending money on clothes for someone other than yourself could be so much fun!

For posterity's sake, I'll overcome my shyness and show you how big I'm getting.  I still really can't believe there's a kid in there - even though she is kicking like crazy all day every day.  This was after a long day of cooking for and then entertaining my in-laws for Easter - please forgive the tired look on my face.  We forgot to get a pic in the morning when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

P.s. behind me is that ugly rocking chair!

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  1. You look so great! Love the belly pic :-) That color scheme is just adorable, can't wait to see the nursery come together!!


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