Happy Holidays to you all!

Welcome back!

Hello all!  Welcome back to my blog!  
Well, after an intense three months I have finally found my way back to the sewing room!    
Baby Liv is quite the spitter-upper, so I decided to make a few more bibs.  Only thing is they turned out so cute I hate to see them get dirty!

I always have a lot of fun when I dig around in my stash to find the perfect novelty fabric!  These were quilted with Aurifil, but my favourite is the ice cream cone one - quilted with gorgeous Aurifil 28.  

I apologize for the less than stellar cellphone picture, but here's my little model... ain't she cute?

Christmas in July!

Some finishes and a huge WIP!

I have just loved touching these voile fabrics so much that I actually finished another baby quilt in three days!  
I'm in love!  Why did it take me so long to try this magical fabric?

To make sure it was really solid I quilted both in the ditch and 1/4" from the horizontal seams on each side, since I had some tension issues when piecing.  I didn't want the quilting to be too dense though to keep it nice and fluffy.  It is backed and bound in the pastry print in magenta, and I used an Aurifil pink of the same colour for the bobbin, so there aren't big noticeable lines on the back.  On the front I used an Aurifil cream colour in 28 weight.  The bricks finish at 3 x 6 inches.  

I did get a little mixed up with the order of the bricks, probably due to a less than great makeshift design board and being tired at the end of the pregnancy, so there are some prints touching each other.  While this non-perfection bothers a good Virgo like myself, when I realized what I had done I was NOT about to pick apart the stitches.  It's beautiful anyway!  

I am seriously considering buying another, bigger bundle in a different colourway and making one for myself!  And then just wrapping it around my naked self like a toga for the rest of the summer...

Here's another finish from the last few days - my hand-stitched scrappy pillow for the nursery.

So what's this big WIP you ask?  
Oh, just a little creature that is 41 weeks + 2 days old that doesn't seem to want to come out and join us!  Apparently I have a pretty comfy womb!

Keep ya posted...

Keeping myself occupied...

Well, baby girl still hasn't decided to grace us with her presence yet, despite being 6 days overdue.  I am trying not to watch the clock or worry about being induced by starting a few more projects!  
A few weeks ago I ordered a fat quarter bundle of AMH Little Folks voile from Fabricworm, and when it got here yesterday I said "what the hell" and decided to start another baby quilt.  

After a quick search on Flickr and a look through my inspiration file, I decided a simple patchwork would be best.  I modified that to a brick layout, with rectangles that will finish at 3" x 6", just because I figured there'd be a few less seams to sew and I wouldn't have to worry about my corners lining up.  I am going to do the same layout on the back, so the baby will be able to enjoy the voile softness at the same time as I am enjoying the beautiful colours on the front!  

Since the guest room has now become the nursery, I no longer have the extra bed to layout my blocks!  So I threw up a flannel sheet on the easel, over the latest painting for the nursery, and tried to make that work. 

Also, a few weeks ago I was inspired by Kristie's appliqué hoop, and so I decided to make a little mini quilt for the baby's room.  I used to sing this song to my little old yorkshire, who died almost two years ago.  I don't think she'd mind if I use it now for my daughter!

I had a lot of fun digging through my scraps to make this, and I really love hand-quilting... who knew.  I bought these adorable alphabet stamps in NYC last year on my honeymoon - I have been dying to use them!  

Another Kristy has also inspired me to start making her Modernized Disappearing 9 Patch blocks.  

I love this idea!  It looks like improv piecing with but without the fear of screwing up!  
I decided it was a great way to get the most mileage out of my one precious Echo layer cake, mixing it will a few Kona solids and some Essex linen in Natural for the negative space.  

So far I've just been making the blocks - I will decide later if it will be a couch quilt or maybe a bunch of pillow covers for the couch.  (Most of the blocks have more linen in them).

Ok well I guess I'll just keep sewing for now.  The waiting is really frustrating though, especially once you're past the due date!  Hopefully the next blog entry will have a picture of a brand new, pink baby!

Still waiting...

Finish failure!

Well my friends, as my Grandmother would say, it seems as though my eyes were bigger than my stomach when I listed the wips I had hoped to finish in my last entry.  My productivity has come to a screeching halt.  
38 years old + 38 weeks pregnant + 35 lbs extra + 35°C = misery!  
The only thing I accomplished this week was a pair of mini Maryjanes to bring my little girl home from the hospital in.  And these were done at nighttime, when it's possible to be upstairs in my house!  Other than that, I really just hung out on the sofa bed in the basement rec room, napping and trying to become nocturnal!  I figure that's the only way I'm gonna finish the projects I have going before she gets here.  
Oh well.
Here are the shoes.

Friday finish update

Hi all.
Sorry about the disappearing act, but I was sick for the last few weeks with a nasty cold, and without being able to take meds it really knocked me on my ass!  This week my appetite's back (I had been subsisting on watermelon and yogurt), and my energy level is slowing getting back to normal.  

Slowly I've been getting back to my To Do list, so here's a little update on what I've done.  

A few colorful things to put up in the nursery...

I got so excited when the postman delivered this beautiful bundle of Terrain in flannel (purchased from Flannel Queen) that I got right to work on a rag quilt for the baby.  I actually managed to finish sewing it in one day!  I thought "Man I can crank these out as Christmas presents for all the babies I know!"  Um, that was until I got to the tedious fringe-cutting part!  That step is taking much longer... 

 I don't usually go nuts over one collection, but I really love Terrain.  In fact I have been ordering yardage from all over the internet with the goal of making another queen size quilt for us.  I know it might seem ambitious (naive?) with a first baby on the way, but I figure after the first few weeks of settling in I will have time to do a block here and a block there.  Famous last words...!

I finished the crib skirt too!  Doesn't quite touch the floor but I still love it!  (Nina thought it was a portrait session...)

I also did the cutest load of laundry EVER!...

As I am 37 weeks, I decided it was high time to get started on my hospital suitcase.  Here's Olivia's half...

And since little Matilde had her one month birthday yesterday, I whipped her up a pair of baby MaryJane's using the pattern I got from Petit Boo.  Can't wait to make a pair for Olivia's homecoming shoes!

Last night I couldn't get to sleep, so at midnight I hopped up, started rummaging through my scrap box, and put together the beginnings of another hand-stitched pillow.  Does anyone else love working with scraps as much as I do?

Ok well that's it for now.  
Objectives this weekend are to finish the black-out curtains for the nursery, finish the scrappy pillow, finish the cross-stitch birth record, and make some baby MaryJane's for my own little one.  

Have a great weekend!

First Anniversary!

Hey all!  Today is my first wedding anniversary!  I was trying to find a picture to commemorate the occasion, but I couldn't decide on just one.  So here's a little wedding recap for you!

 the bride

 the dress

 the place
(small beach town outside of Rome)

 the groom

the ring

the kiss

 the couple

the joy 

 the rice

the beach 

 me and my girls

 him and his boys

the wave
(his sister, him, me, my brother and his fiancé)

 the fireworks

the cake topper 
(made by my super talented maid of honor jen)

the first bite

the mr. & mrs.

Weekend update

I finished two quilts, a blanket and a pillow this weekend folks!  Can you believe it?  
As the due date creeps closer and closer, I am sewing like a madwoman, trying to get all things nursery done asap!  (I swear I can hear Flight of the Bumblebee as I'm hunched over my machine!)

Just to literally show you how little time is left - here I am doing my Humpty Dumpty impression:

Ok now to the thing you came here for - the quilts!

First up is the Fandango quilt to go with our quilt and Olivia's bassinet sheets.  

For the quilting, I first did a big X from corner to corner, and then filled the in the four quadrants with echoing V's, each one inch apart.  I'm super happy with how this turned out.  Without having fmq stippling down yet I thought I was doomed to do straight lines on all my quilts, but this idea came to me while I was basting.  (Yes I realized they're still lines but you know what I mean!)

And here's an "action shot" with the bassinet!

Next finish is that surprise quilt I hinted at about two weeks ago.  I call it the Confetti quilt, just because I think that's what this design is called.  I haven't reinvented the wheel, but I have been wanting to do this with my Kona solids bright jelly roll for a while and when more Essex linen finally arrived - I got to it!

Forgive the not-so-great photos - it was raining.

For the last blanket we have a simple little yellow minky blanket, bound in more of that endless Remix binding...

Since I've been embroidering Olivia's name on all the things I make for her, I have really started to enjoy hand stitching with perle cotton.  So I decided to whip up a pillow cover for the rocking chair in the nursery using my Sherbet Pips leftovers and some pink perle cotton.  

Fussy cut centre block - don't you just love the little girls on swings print?  

Here's a shot that shows the hand stitching off.  

And here it is on it's new home - the redone rocking chair.  Sorry I can't show more of the nursery yet - you will get a full tour when it's all done I promise!

Whew, that's a lot of stuff!  Who knew babies were such hard work???  
And I still have so much more to do... off I go!

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