What I've been up to...

Hi all,
Been a bit busy, no quilting, a little crochet, but I wanted to at least give you a little update, especially about Nina.  After all, whose day isn't brightened up by a little chihuahua?
Here's a little video we made when we saw her almost two weeks ago.  Ginger was doing her best to get Nina to play with her!

Here are some more shots of recent events:

 At the Sforza castle in Milan

Meeting mother-in-law's new kitten 

Me and Ginger resting in St. Mark's Square in Venice (took little sis to see Venice)

Laura and Ginger in St. Mark's square

Nina's ears are now standing up chi-style!


Nina and hubs

Ginger sleeping on my shoulder in the car - her favourite position!

Prezzies from New Zealand

Well, hubbie's back finally and he came bearing gifts! 
A cute book of dog sweaters to knit - Ginger and Nina will have to have matching sweaters this winter!

And apparently they make yarn out of roadkill in NZ...
I have to say - he knows me well!
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