Friday favourites... for mom

One of the reasons I started this blog is so I can share my love of quilting and my own projects with my mother, who lives in Canada.  To this end, I thought that once in a while I could do a little round-up of some of the amazing quilts I've seen recently.  My mother is a expert sewer, but after sewing for five kids for the last 30 years she says she's done.  I figure she just needs some inspiration, and these Friday favourites have that in spades!

1. Love of solids circle block, 2. Positivity, 3. Bento box, 4. Busier crazier, 5. Checkers, 6. Windy city quilt, 7. Love of solids pickle dish, 8. Erin's quilt, 9. Love of solids chevron.


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