I love Kona solids

So I have the Cheri House book "City Quilts", which is full of gorgeous designs.  I also read her blog.  I was inspired by one of her very simple designs, small squares in vertical lines, but I wanted to add some more colour to it.  So this is what I started this weekend:
I cut off a 2" strip from selected Kona fat quarters.  
I cut them into small 2" squares...
Added some Kona charcoal squares...
Chain pieced them together, keeping my rainbows intact...
And ended up with some lovely little bunting-like rainbow chains

Now I've begun the time-consuming task of sewing them all together to make 16 rainbow chains that will be the main design of my quilt top.  More to follow!


  1. oh my I'm drooling just a little bit! This is going to be stunning!!

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