Just a few more stitches... I promise!

Ok so I might have pulled my kona quilt out of the box last night to work on it just a little bit more before I pack it up for a month.  Hubby was out with friends, and well, when the cat's away the mouse will sew! 

 Ginger was a good girl and busied herself while I sewed till midnight!

Today's the last day in the office before a month of holidays.  I have three full days of packing ahead before the movers show up at dawn on Tuesday.  Pray for me!

In the meantime... painting!

Since all my sewing is in boxes, I thought I would keep y'all entertained with a little bit of history about me and my artistic endeavours.  Before I caught the fiber fever, I painted.  Here are some of my paintings from the last 6 or 7 years.  Enjoy!

Oil, acrylic and goldleaf on canvas, 2007-2008 
Someday soon I am going to make a quilt like this painting.  It's one of my favourites! 

 Oil on canvas, 2004

Oil and goldleaf on canvas, 2008

Oil, acrylic and goldleaf on canvas, 2008

Acrylic on canvas, 2009

A little more progress...

I HATE that I'm going to have to pack this up for the move this weekend!  I'm addicted!

Please forgive the quality of the picture - it was late last night from a cell phone!

Progress shot

...on the kona solids quilt

I love Kona solids

So I have the Cheri House book "City Quilts", which is full of gorgeous designs.  I also read her blog.  I was inspired by one of her very simple designs, small squares in vertical lines, but I wanted to add some more colour to it.  So this is what I started this weekend:
I cut off a 2" strip from selected Kona fat quarters.  
I cut them into small 2" squares...
Added some Kona charcoal squares...
Chain pieced them together, keeping my rainbows intact...
And ended up with some lovely little bunting-like rainbow chains

Now I've begun the time-consuming task of sewing them all together to make 16 rainbow chains that will be the main design of my quilt top.  More to follow!

Welcome to my little corner of blogland...

For almost a year now I've been knitting and quilting and voraciously reading knitting and quilting blogs.  I figured I might as well do one of my own, as a way of letting my friends and family keep an eye on what I'm doing, seeing as how I live in the north of Italy and they live all over Italy, in the states, and in Canada.

It all started when I got my new puppy Ginger, a long-haired chihuahua.  I wanted to knit her sweaters, even though I had no idea how to knit.  I found a tutorial on youtube and eventually figured out how to knit.  Here are some pics of Ginger in her sweaters!  

Then I made some Christmas sweaters for both Ginger and Oliver, our other dog, a poodle mix.
While reading the knitting blogs, I found that many women who knit also sew and quilt, and I introduced to the world of modern quilting.  I really loved the stuff I was seeing - there are some super talented sewers out there.  I know my way around a sewing machine, so I thought I'd give it a try.  My first attempt was a baby quilt for one of my bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding.  

Not perfect, but a good start and a WHOLE lot of fun!
Next I ordered some Japanese cartoon fabrics, to make a baby quilt for another of my bridesmaids.  Her and her husband love Japan, Manga (Japanese cartoons), and basically anything Japanese, so I knew she would love it.  I ordered the fabulous fabric from Quilt Taffy.

They were a hit!
After the wedding (June 1st), I finally had some time to work on a queen size quilt for us.  I had ordered lots of yardage from Kate Spain's Fandango collection back in February, so I pulled it out and started sewing.  I also ordered extra yardage to make six pillowcases from my favourite six prints in the collection.
Two weeks ago I finished quilting it.  I present to you my first queen size quilt!:
Finished size is 2m x 2.30 (6' 5" x 7' 5")

Ginger immediately made herself at home!

Anyway I hope you like the things I've made.  I'm working on a new large quilt now (pictures to follow) even though next weekend we have to pack up our house for the move from Milan to Bergamo.  Then we've got the honeymoon and then at the end of August I'll be back to my beloved sewing machine in my new and bigger sewing room!  Can't wait!

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