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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Nae Shawl

A few months ago I stumbled across the Nae shawl on Ravelry, and last week I finally cast it on.  I've never done a shawl before, so I am a little anxious that after all the thousands of hours it will require, I end up with something decent that I will be proud to wear.

I love the clean lines of the shawl, and the pattern seems simple enough, even though some of the stitches (knitting through back loop, purling through back loop), were new to me.  It's a free download too!

I absolutely adore Lavidaloca's Nae, so I found the same yarn online and bought it in the same colour.  Isn't hers gorgeous?

Wish me luck - any shawl knitting tips appreciated!

(By the way, the last photo is an homage to Amanda at Hey Porkchop, who takes the most beautiful pictures of her knitting on quilts!)

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Finish - About last October...

Ok so I know we're all dying for spring, and nobody really wants to read about Halloween, but I have a few little finishes I didn't want to forget about, so please bear with me!
Last October I was so into the fall atmosphere, I decided to whip up a little fall themed runner for my table.  What better represents fall than some modern maple leaves?  I went through my precious AMH scraps and made a little autumn flavoured gradient selection.  (How gorgeous are AMH fabrics?)  I used a low volume print with a touch of gold metallic from Carolyn Friedlander's Botanics for the background.
In the end I had to cut some leaves out because it would have been too long - as it is it's a yard long!  We also made two jack-o-lanterns because doing them with your kid is a lot of fun and one wasn't enough!

We also made some awesome chocolate sugar cookies and decorated them to take to Olivia's first Halloween party, organized by some of the "expat mommies" that I know.  She wore a little mouse costume we picked out at Carter's in August (I plan ahead peeps!).


My sister in law, who was visiting from Buenos Aires, also requested a little set of four placemats and I happily obliged.  She asked for orange and yellow, and I used the ever awesome Lemon Pepper pattern that I've already mentioned many times here.  I defy you to find a stain on these placemats!

Thanks for going back to October with me for a minute.  Next week: a springy finish!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Flowering Snowball Quilt

I have finally arrived at the basting stage!  It's kind of a double-eded sword.  I have a finished quilt top, so I'm happy.  But it also means my back is killing me because I've been crawling around taping and pinning the quilt sandwich every few inches this morning, while trying to keep Olivia (in my slippers!) off of the quilt and out of the pins at the same time.  I don't know which is harder!

I have to tell you the best part: almost all my seams match!  I pinned the edges of the flowers so that I would have nice, smooth seams in the white snowball parts.  But even the middle of the flowers match.  I have no idea how it happened.  I'm just going to put it down to me being awesome :)

I would love to have this quilt hand-quilted like Mary did, but that would mean I would have to do it, so it ain't happening.  I think I'm just going to do some wavy lines in white Aurifil, to fake the wonderful, crinkly stippled look, which I am also not able to do.  If I was smart I would probably devote some time to learning FMQ and hand-quilting to expand my repertoire of quilting techniques, but once I get to the basting part 1. I'm anxious to get the quilt done and 2. I don't want to screw it up practicing on it!  

It's going to be backed with some vintage cotton sheeting that my friend gave me.  It's got little yellow flowers so it'll fit right in with the retro fabrics in the top.  I've got so much sheeting left I could even make a fitted sheet and pillow cases for Olivia's twin bed!  (I love me a matching bed set!)

Ok.  I've got another third to do and it's nap time now so I better get to it.  
Thanks for popping by!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Finish - Robot Baby Quilt

Here is another baby quilt I worked on this past summer and delivered in September.  I got this fabric and made the blocks so many years ago I can't remember the designer or name of it.  At the time I wanted to try "improv style", which for me is really rather difficult.  I'm much better at following the rules!

This was another commission from my sister-in-law, and it now lives in Rome with her friend's little boy.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Finish - Drawstring bags

So, unfortunately my good bud Nicole is moving back home to Philadelphia next week.  Although I've known this was coming for a while, I am pretty sad about this.  Not only was she a good friend to me and a great auntie for Olivia, she was a fellow knitter!  And over here at least, finding someone under the age of 70 who knits is a rarity.  I never would have had the courage to try a cardigan if it wasn't for her.  (She has also been my Downton Abbey buddy for two years!  Who am I going to watch it with now… my husband??)
So besides chipping in for a nice big Amazon gift certificate with the other expat gals, I wanted to make her a little something that would keep me in her thoughts, especially when she pulls out her knitting needles.  I decided a few project bags would do the job.  
I had a lot of fun looking through my stash to find coordinating fabrics.  After a quick run to the merceria, I had matching cotton twill!  

First I did two with some beautiful AMH Field Study.

Then I made one for myself.

Then I had to make two small ones for my daughter and my friend's daughter.

I got the idea from this tutorial but also watched this very helpful video.  I don't think I'm done making these bags yet, but I'm going to keep that under my hat for right now.

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Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday Finish - Wee Wander Baby Quilt

Do you remember the Wee Wander quilt I made for my little girl?  I made it using the Lemon Pepper quilt pattern (I adore this pattern!), and made extra blocks so I would be able to squeeze a baby quilt out of it.  It uses a Wee Wander pink bundle, some Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids, some Mirror Dots, and some Briar Rose strawberries.

A request came in July for a friend of my sister-in-law's, so I quilted it and embroidered the baby's name and birthdate on it.  The quilt was made over the summer and delivered in September.  I actually made two baby quilts for my sister-in-law, but I'll save the second one for next Friday.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Um, I accidentally started a new quilt...

Hello everyone - Happy New Year.

I know it's been a while since I showed my face around these parts - seems to be an annual thing.  Every fall the blog gets neglected for a bit.  But fear not fellow makers - the lack of writing does not signify a lack of making - the exact opposite!  I have a bit of a backlog of things to show you, but today I wanted to show you a new project.  

I fell in love with Mary's Flying Snowball quilt last spring, and decided that I had to do one in a twin size for my little girl.  I had planned to do this year, but ended up starting it a few days ago.  I had some time in my sewing room, and instead of tediously pinning my Single Girl blocks (started in October), I decided to do a trial block using my new Flying Snowball templates, (bought here) and a beautiful bundle of sweet retro prints, (bought here).  I ended up working away all afternoon cutting and sewing nine blocks!  

I stopped there for the night, and thought about turning it into a baby quilt for one of the two new baby girls we know awaiting quilts.  However, as we are very close to getting Olivia a big girl bed, I decided to continue on and make it a twin size for her.  If I'm going to have to walk her back to bed 100 times a night, at least I'll get to see a pretty new quilt on her bed each time!  (Ugh I am SO not looking forward to her being free at night!)

I'll leave you with a Christmas picture of my little one.  This was her third Christmas but by far the most work to get her to pose and smile properly!  My husband does the lights and picture-taking, and I'm in charge of hair&makeup, wardrobe, and smiles!

Thanks for stopping by!
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