Friday Finish - A Special Dowry Quilt for Mom

Now that I've delivered this quilt to my mother, I can finally show it to you all!  I absolutely love this quilt - it was a hard one to let go for sure.  I couldn't help but take a million pictures of it - besides loving this quilt, my parents' house is probably the best backdrop I've ever had for a photo shoot!
I used Anna Maria Horner's Dowry pattern, but used fabric from all of her collections since Field Study (the first one I ever bought).  I made the secondary design squares of hot and cold colours.  I used silk batting and a gorgeous dark blue minky dimple dot for the backing.  Canadian winters can be harsh, (especially the last couple of years - hello polar vortex!), and I wanted this baby to be really toasty.  It's x 60 x 70", so someone can either cover up from toes to chin, or spread it across a few laps and share it.
I absolutely love the Dowry pattern.  Since only half of the blocks are pieced, it comes together really quickly.  While I was piecing it I kept thinking "how come nobody's done a Dowry-along yet?"  It's such a great pattern - not very difficult skill-wise but the end result can be really stunning.  In fact, I've added a queen size one to my list of future quilts!
Thanks for coming and taking a look - have a great weekend!
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WIP Wednesday - A Future Boy's Nonsense Quilt

Hello all, I've been back from our holiday in Canada for four days and am already regretting getting on the plane!  The time flew by way too fast this year.
Even though it's only mid-August, with my summer vacation over this fall feeling has settled over me and got me looking to new projects.  Although I have many more Glitter blocks to go, and my Single Girl quilt has turned into a Single and Sitting by the Phone Waiting for Me to Call quilt, I just had to whip up a few test blocks for the Boy's Nonsense quilt I've had in my head for a while now.  (I don't feel quite as guilty if I call them "test blocks"!)  Although Leila's gorgeous quilt was my inspiration, I got my block template from this site, downloading the 12" block.
The second picture is the fabrics I've pulled for this project.  Looking at the picture I realized I'll probably need a few more dark coloured fabrics, as I'd like to do alternating lights/darks in the layout (as mentioned in Leila's tutorial).  When I change the fabrics picture to black and white, (Leila's trick), there are way too many medium value fabrics.  When I pulled them I had only thought about the colour palette, not light and dark.  I'll have to see what else I have in the stash.
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Post holiday stash update

Well, we're back from our holiday at home in Ontario.  I took full advantage of my trip across the ocean to add a bit of fabric to my stash.  First I made an order with my favourite Canadian online shop Mad About Patchwork.  I chose a few new Cotton + Steel fabrics, as many low volume fabrics as they had, and some Basic Grey grunge colours.  I also got two cuts of lovely, soft, minky dimple dot, which are going to be backings for two new couch quilts very soon.
We went down to the states for a few days with my parents, and my mom and I hit the Joann store in Buffalo.  We got half yards of all the Denyse Schmidt, Julianna Horner, and Lotta Jansdotter they had, and then split it once we got home.  I had no idea Lotta Jansdotter had a line for Joann, so it was a nice surprise.  (I also stocked up on Reese's pieces and Jolly Ranchers, but that's for a different kind of stash! :) )

WIP Wednesday - Glitter, glitter and more glitter

This is the current state of my sewing room.  Not too bad actually, tidier than usual.  I decided to put away almost everything else and concentrate on these highly-addictive glitter blocks.  My goal is 16 per week - one row in the twin size quilt.  An hour here, an hour there, work and family permitting.    At the very least I can have five minutes of fun choosing fabric!
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Friday Finish - One Scrappy Placemat

I've been so wrapped up working on my Glitter blocks, I don't have much to report this week, but I did finally finish a placemat for Olivia that I made using the tiny slivers of fabric leftover from her flowering snowball quilt.  I've had this project hanging around taking up space for a few months, so when I cleaned my sewing room last week I decided to just finish the damn thing instead of putting it in the WIP drawer.  
I had weird curved little shapes left, about an inch at the widest point, so I decided to make some really skinny half rectangle squares.  I pay a lot for shipping and duty on all my fabric so I really try to use even the smallest of scraps.  Oh to live in the states again and have free shipping!... sigh.  (After making this I did throw the rest in the garbage - I'm thrifty not insane!)
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
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WIP Wednesday - Glitter quilt blocks

This week I've been working on my Glitter blocks, making piles of fabrics, cutting so much I'm getting a callus, (a.k.a. quilter's finger), and then slowly getting faster at sewing the blocks.  It's actually become super satisfying ironing my pretty Y seams - who knew I could do those?  Oh - and I finally figured out that I needed to press the seams of the main shape towards the background fabric!  It's a lot of trial and error when you don't have any quilters around you.
I finally bought some template plastic, (I cut an entire queen size Single Girl quilt with paper templates!), and invested in one of those rotating cutting mats.  Both have made cutting easier so it was money well spent.  While at work I photocopied the template, and enlarged it to 125%, so the unfinished blocks are 11.5" by 4.75".  Since this quilt is going to be a mixture of fabrics and colours, I'm approaching each block's colour scheme as if it were a stand-alone mini quilt.  It's a lot of fun choosing the combinations of three fabrics, and I think this could be key in keeping the momentum going till I reach 128 blocks!  I hesitate to call this "scrappy", because I am using fat quarters and yardage, and not true scraps.
This is going to be a very labour-intense quilt, for sure, but I also feel like when it's done it's going to be the most beautiful quilt I've ever made.  Jen Kingwell's book, Quilt Lovely, has really revolutionized how I think about my stash, and I've been breaking up previously intact fat quarter bundles all week.  I had kept at least 75% of my stash in the collection bundles (or curated bundles, or bundles I set aside for future quilts), but now I'm just throwing everything together and I'm going to reorganize 90% of it just by colour.  This is major for me - full collection fat quarter bundles were sacred!  I can definitely see more scrappy style projects in my future.
If you'd like to see more, you can follow me on instagram, and if you want to see some real eye candy, check out the #glitterquilt group!

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Friday Finish - Far Far Away II Baby Quilt

I made this quilt back in March, and it was the quickest baby quilt I've ever made!  
In true Italian style, my friend told me her brother and his wife would be visiting with their new baby THE NIGHT BEFORE we saw them! Nothing like the last minute - I swear it's in their DNA!  The baby girl was almost six months old, so I'd been thinking about her quilt for a while, but I hadn't actually decided what to make.  I thought about not going, but then I decided to shift it into high gear and crank out a quilt for this long-awaited baby girl.  (Isn't she a little doll?)
So what could I make that would be fast yet still something special?  I knew the parents didn't want traditional pink.  Who could I turn to?  Heather Ross - don't fail me now!  I had a fat quarter bundle of Far, Far Away II that I purchased last summer, and I knew it would be perfect.  It had to be quick and easy, but I wanted the simple patchwork design to be balanced with some super special fabric.  I also added a few bees, frogs and strawberries from my Briar Rose stash.
For the backing I found some purple and white gingham that I had put aside for clothing for Olivia - it matched perfectly!  I quilted it in my go-to quick wavy lines.
I desperately wanted that thin yellow and white strip for the binding, but I only had a fat quarter of it!  Since the quilt is only 35" square, I did my calculations (twice) and realized I would have just enough to do it.  And it truly was, just enough - I had about a 3" long piece left when I was done! 
All in all, I made this quilt in six hours - three the night before and three the morning of the day we saw our friends.  The pictures we took outside that March morning were awful, with the terrible, harsh, end of winter light, so these are from my iPhone.  They are actually the progress pictures I sent to my mother!  (The third from the last photo is me bragging about my perfect corners! hee hee)
In the end, I was really happy with it, and so were our friends.  Who would have ever thought purple, orange and green would make such a sweet girl's quilt?  
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